2, Aug, 21

WotC Branded Shrink Wrap Being Sold by 3rd Parties, Amazon MTG Buyers Beware

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A couple of weeks ago, we talked about a redditor who had bought some sealed Magic: the Gathering boxes from Amazon, but had found that the boxes had been tampered with. Some how, the shrink wrap that was on those boxes were untampered, but the packs inside were slit open and tampered with. Well, we now have a bit more of an answer of how something like this can happen.


According to Shipping Shield on Twitter, various 3rd parties are selling Wizards of the Coast branded shrink wrap. They have since reported this behavior to Wizards. This can allow shady sellers on Amazon or other online outlets to tamper with sealed product, and reshrink wrap it to make the product appear safe.

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As a PSA to you guys, if you decide to purchase anything from Amazon or other online retailers, make sure that you’re only purchasing from reputable sources, and check the reviews of the sellers and products to ensure that there shouldn’t be any funny business. Also if a price on a product seems too good to be true, take caution before purchasing. Another safe avenue for purchasing sealed product is to go through your local game store, or use TCGPlayer and purchase through verified, gold star sellers.

If you happen to get a tampered product, document it with picture and video evidence immediately before opening any packs, and contact the retailer right away. This evidence can help with returns and reporting scam sellers.

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