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Wizards of the Coast Announces MTG Princess Bride Secret Lair!

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Coming into MTG Vegas, players were expecting a few things. The Lost Caverns of Ixalan was due for an exciting first look, which it received. Otherwise, Ravnica Remastered got some goodies shown off and the Lord of the Rings Holiday release has been a lot more explosive than players may have expected.

What players may not have expected, however, is a new crossover featuring a cult classic. Announced alongside a new Secret Lair drop coming on October 2nd is a Princess Bride Secret Lair!

The Last Thing Players Expected

The World Championships are undeniably the star of the show for MTG Vegas so far. Following behind that is the new MTG Vegas preview panel, featuring new treats from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, Ravnica Remastered and the Lord of the Rings Holiday Release. No one was expecting the MTG Secret Lair team to fire off an absolute showstopper.

Tweeted out by @PGDHanson is a surprising snapshot of a Princess Bride themed Secret Lair showcasing nine reprints with a Princess Bride skin. These don’t seem like the most valuable reprints in the world, but they are incredibly thematic. As you’ll see soon, the reprint value for these cards may be better than you expect.

Solidifying the legitimacy of these claims is the above tweet from the official MTG Secret Lair account. Alongside some already revealed Secret Lair contents like the $70 Emrakul of the Promised End reprint in the John Avon Secret Lair is Buttercup, Provincial Princess. This should be the real deal, but it technically isn’t 100% confirmed yet.

An Absolute Homerun?

While the financial value of the Princess Bride Secret Lair doesn’t look too spectacular at first glance, the theming is out of this world, and should more than make up for it for dedicated fans. C’mon! Just look at that Battle of Wits!

To get into the knitty-gritty, here are all the cards being reprinted in the Princess Bride Secret Lair and what they’re worth. As per usual, we’re generally using the lowest market average or recently sold average from TCGplayer for these prices:

Samut, Voice of Dissent $3.70/$11

Marchesa, the Black Rose $0.63/$1

Pack Rat $3.40/$6.80

Silence $7/$23.65

Battle of Wits $0.10/$0.40

Baral, Chief of Compliance $1.50/$2

Fynn, the Fangbearer Worthless/Worthless

Brion Stoutarm $0.50/$0.70

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain $1/$4.85

In nonfoil iterations, this brings the total for the Princess Bride Secret Lair to $17.83. If this Secret Lair is priced at the traditional $29.99 nonfoil price, you aren’t quite getting your money’s worth back. That said, the theming is fantastic, and likely means these cards will have a premium.

The foil iteration of this Secret Lair, however, looks a lot more interesting financially. Thanks to Silence and Samut, Voice of Dissent getting a huge price increase for their foil variants, assuming that this Secret Lair is worth the usual $39.99, you’ll be ahead with the foil version of the Princess Bride Secret Lair since these price add up to about $50! Honestly, the fact that we get a Secret Lair that both absolutely knocks the theming out of the park and can offer a decent chunk of reprint value is an incredible nod to the potential of this product.

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Doctor Who Secret Lair

Ok… This Doctor Who Secret Lair looks like an incredible deal – as long as the price of the Secret Lair is as expected of course. The above picture is, once again, tweeted out by @PGDHanson. Before you get too excited, this does appear to be two different Secret Lairs, but we cannot really confirm nor deny that.

Astute players may notice the five Fast Lands that are a part of this Secret Lair. Inspiring Vantage, Botanical Sanctum, Spirebluff Canal, Concealed Courtyard and Blooming Marsh are premium lands in the Pioneer format and see a significant amount of play in the Modern format. Of course, this means that they’re good in Commander too. All of these lands feature Daleks taking over different locations.

For Angel fans out there, five Doctor Who-themed Angels also accompany the Secret Lair offerings. Themed as Weeping Angels, all of these Angels also happen to be mono-white, allowing them to slot into the recent Secret Lair “Angels: They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings” deck. Here are the secondary market values of each card at the time of writing:

Restoration Angel: $0.20/$1

Sublime Archangel: $1.81/$6

Angel of Serenity: $0.20/$1.40

Angel of the Ruins: $0.20/No foil in Existence

Blinding Angel: $4.56/$50

Inspiring Vantage: $7.87/$14.50

Botanical Sanctum$4.76/$12.56

Spirebluff Canal$12.55/$31.73

Concealed Courtyard$0.5/$5.78

Blooming Marsh$6/$15.28

Notably, we do not have official details on this Secret Lair yet, and judging that two of these cards appear in the above Secret Lair feature from the official Secret Lair account, the Dalek and Weeping Angel Secret Lairs may be separate.

Should the Weeping Angels be their own Secret Lair, the foil iteration is still very much worth it at face value, but the nonfoil one may leave a bit to be desired. The foil may also be a bit shaky considering all the secondary market value is one one largely unavailable reprint. That said, there Both versions of the Dalek Secret Lair easily surpass the general asking price of the Secret Lair products.

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October Secret Lairs Look Awesome!

There are a lot more Secret Lairs confirmed to be coming our way, including an Evil Dead one that has fans excited. For now, though, while these appear to have been revealed at MTG Vegas, we don’t have a list of cards officially available online yet. Either way, these do look like the real deal, and could mark a new milestone in Secret Lair crossovers.

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