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20, May, 24

Wizards Confirms Missing Fetch Lands Reprints!

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Even before its spoiler season has officially started, Modern Horizons 3 is shaping up to be insanely powerful and popular. Between the new free spells, powerhouse bombs, new-to-Modern reprints, and dedicated Commander cards, this set has it all. Even MTG Arena players aren’t missing out on the fun!

On top of all the new cards Modern is getting, there’s also a cavalcade of pure reprints. Much to the delight of paper MTG players, the allied Fetch Lands are getting reprinted to bring their prices down. Surprisingly, as if these five reprints weren’t good enough, Wizards has recently announced the rest of the Fetch Land cycle is getting reprinted too!

Well… almost, at least. For better or worse, the five enemy-colored Fetch Lands aren’t actually being physically printed.

Enemy Fetch Lands Are Coming to Arena!

MTG Arena Fetch Lands

To stop beating around the bush, the five enemy-colored Fetch Lands from Zendikar are being reprinted on MTG Arena. Despite details we’ll get to later, these cards aren’t at all related to the main Modern Horizons 3 set. Instead, the Enemy Fetch Land Anthology is launching on MTG Arena tomorrow, May 21st.

In case you’re unclear exactly which cards we’re talking about, you can find the five enemy Fetch Lands below. Thankfully, outside of their colors, they all pretty much do the exact same thing.

  • Arid Mesa
  • Marsh Flats
  • Misty Rainforest
  • Scalding Tarn
  • Verdant Catacombs

Like past Anthology sets on MTG Arena, these cards will only be available for purchase in Arena’s in-game store. Should you want to purchase these lands, players have three options, Gold, Gems, or a pre-order bundle.

Costing 8,000 Gems or 40,000 Gold, the Enemy Fetch Lands Anthology certainly isn’t cheap on MTG Arena. While you do get four copies of each card in this anthology, the real-world price equivalent is around $50. Thankfully, should you really want these Fetch Lands and not have wildcards to spare, there is another option.

A Surprise, to Be Sure, but a Welcome One

MTG Arena Fetch Lands

While we knew about the Allied Fetch Land reprints in Modern Horizons 3, this extra addition is a very welcome surprise. Once they’re released, Timeless, and probably only Timeless, will finally have all ten Fetch lands to play with. Ideally, this should bring some additional balance to the format, although that is difficult to predict.

While it’s only fair that the Fetch Land cycle is complete and even, predicting the Timeless metagame is practically impossible. Since every Modern Horizons 3 card will be legal in Timeless, the format is due for an immense shake-up very soon. Thanks to this, we might not know exactly where each of the Fetch Lands will be played, but they’re sure to see play.

Looking at where they’re played in Modern right now, multiple Timeless decks may benefit from the Enemy Fetch Lands. The Golgari Yawgmoth Combo deck, for instance, uses both Misty Rainforest and Verdant Catacombs. Similarly, 5 Color Creativity and Domain Aggro decks both use Arid Mesa and Scalding Tarn.

Currently, while Golgari Yawgmoth Combo and Domain Zoo do exist in Timeless, they may not last. Even if they don’t however, any new decks that emerge are sure to want to use these prized lands. Since they offer untapped fixing and a shuffle effect, Fetch Lands will always see play where they’re legal.

Speaking of legal, there’s a slim possibility of a chance that Fetch Lands could get unbanned in Historic. Since a good deal of Modern Horizons 3 is going to be Historic legal, a power level increase could warrant an unbanning. Whether or not this will happen, however, remains entirely on what, and what doesn’t get pre-banned.

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