6, Oct, 22

Wizards Announces EDH Printing Error and New Product Date

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Article at a Glance

Shortly after the spoiling of one of Wizards of the Coast’s newest products, it seems that we will be seeing its release later than expected. In addition, one of the new products releasing this Friday may have some issues that have players scratching their heads. Not to worry, though. These are relatively minor, but it is easy to panic if you’re unaware of them. Here are the two newest product error announcements from Wizards of the Coast that you need to know about.

Pioneer Challenger Deck 2022 Delays

Recently announced by Wizards of the Coast, the upcoming Pioneer Challenger deck product will be delayed for some regions. While most areas can still expect to see these decks release on November fourth, Europe and Asia will have to wait a bit longer.

Unfortunately, “due to ongoing supply chain disruptions,” Europe and Asia should now expect these Challenger decks to release on December ninth. This is more than a month’s delay from the original release date of the product. This may impact secondary market prices for Pioneer players getting ready to play in Sofia’s regional championship in the middle of November. Fortunately, Pioneer players preparing for North America’s events should be able to benefit from the price drops that these reprints may create.

If you want to see the decklists for the four preconstructed Challenger decks being released, we covered it recently. If you want to read more about Wizards’ official announcement, you can find it here.

Warhammer Misprint Issue

Wizards of the Coast announced yesterday that two of the four preconstructed Warhammer Commander decks would have a minor glitch. While this, ultimately, is a tiny issue, Wizards decided to release a statement as this glitch can “give the initial appearance that cards are missing from the deck.”

exalted flamer of tzeentch
epistolary librarian

In both the Ruinous Powers and Forces of Imperium Commander decks, one card may appear to be missing from the initial 99. These cards, for whatever reason, should be hiding in the token sections of the decks. While this issue will not affect all of the Warhammer Commander decks, it is seemingly widespread enough that Wizards felt an announcement had to be made.

The card affected in the Ruinous Powers deck is Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch, and the card affected in the Forces of Imperium deck is Epistolary Librarian.

“If you open a deck and think these cards may be missing, please do double check this section for these cards.” – Wizards of the Coast

Should, for whatever reason, the extremely unlikely event occur that your deck actually is missing cards, contacting Wizards of the Coast customer service should resolve the issue smoothly. If you want to read more about this minor glitch, Wizards of the Coast’s official announcement can be found here.

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