6, Dec, 21

Will Old Unsets Be Getting Errata'd?

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Article at a Glance

So, uh, can we get some old silver-bordered cards in Commander now? We got a small blog post about the next Un-set last week thanks to MaRo, and it showed off a lot of cool new stuff.

However, at least from a Commander perspective, the most notable thing is the fact that some Unfinity cards will actually be legal in eternal formats. Regardless of whether you think that’s a good idea, you’ve probably also wondered whether or not this will affect older Unsets too.

Erratas for everyone

Now, first of all, we’re not actually big fans of erratas. Having to mentally update a bunch of cards with different creature types or new info is kind of a pain, because there’s no way of guaranteeing that everyone remembers the new information, or even finds out that there is no information. It’s an imperfect system to a big old problem, and one that could only really be solved if Wizards released a set just filled with errata’d cards. That sounds pretty awesome, to be fair, but we’re getting distracted.

With Unfinity announcing that some of the cards will be eternal legal, it seems like a good time to have a look back at other Uncards and figure out if they’d be fine in eternal too. The argument for the two cards announced in the blog is “Saw in Half is an eternal card because nothing the card does can’t be done in black border. It’s in this set because it’s a top-down circus design. It’s also a quirky card that we hope eternal players can have fun exploring. The Space Family Goblinson is an eternal card because die-rolling is now something that eternal cards can do. It’s in this set because it’s synergistic with the rest of the design and allows us to tap into another fun top-down trope.” With those two things being the reason, there are definitely other cards that would fit into this idea well.

Probably the most logical ones for these ideas come thanks to Squirrels. Take Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher, for example. This four-mana 3/3 gives you acorn counters and allows you to use those to buff or debuff creatures, and it’s not even one that wouldn’t work in eternal. It’s the kind of card that could just be made Commander legal with no real issues, as long as you ignore the first paragraph of text that talks about Squirrels in artwork, but even that is hardly game-breaking.

So, will we be getting more of these erratas to cover old cards that would work well in eternal, or are we just making this change going forwards? Actually, the most logical way to do this might just be to make Unset based official Commander decks with all the errata’d cards in them.

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