9, Mar, 22

When is Commander Coming to Magic the Gathering Arena?

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Article at a Glance

Magic: the Gathering has so many different ways to play the game. With multiple 60 card formats, Sealed, Draft and more, players have tons of options to enjoy the game in the way that they want. One of, if not the most popular format in the game is Commander. One of the new, popular ways to play Magic is on Magic Arena, so when can we expect Commander on MTG Arena?

The Long and Short

The long and short of it is that there is no exact timeframe for when Commander will be coming to Arena. There’s a few hurdles for bringing full fledged Commander to the game, but there also is some hope as well.

Hurdles for Bringing Commander to Arena

There are a few hurdles when it comes to adding Commander to Magic Arena. First off, the card pool in Commander is massive, essentially encompassing every card in the game. For anyone who has played the game, you know that there’s a LOT of cards missing. The challenge is that there’s a lot of cards to add to the game, and that takes time and resources from Wizards of the Coast.

The other challenge that Magic Arena doesn’t have a multiplayer function yet. Commander is a social format, and in most cases, played with 4 players at the table. This is a pretty big wish list item for players.

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Hope for Commander Coming to MTG Arena

While the chances seem grim and far off of Commander making it’s way to Arena, there is some hope. The development team has stated that they want to work towards the goal of having every card and every format on Magic Arena. This is lofty, but they’re already making headway on supporting a “true to paper” non-rotating format, which is most likely Pioneer. This will eat into a chunk of the card pool.

Additionally, we have “Commander Lite” in Historic Brawl. The format is 100 card singleton, just like Commander, but with cards that exist in Historic. We’ve seen some older cards added to the format through Historic Anthologies, so there’s a chance we could see some more Commander specific cards added in the Future.

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