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22, Aug, 22

What Is Enlist In MTG?

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During Wizards Presents 2022, we got a taste of Dominaria United’s core mechanics. As usual, these mechanics included an eclectic mix of new and old to make the latest set one to remember. To celebrate Magic’s near 30-year history, Dominaria United’s new mechanics are twists on what we’ve seen before. This is especially true for Enlist, which carries traits of one of the strangest MTG mechanics. 

As a brand new mechanic, Enlist may take some getting used to. This is especially true since it has more stipulations than most MTG mechanics. Thankfully, we’ve put this guide together to tell you everything worth knowing. So, without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Enlist in MTG!

What Is Enlist In MTG? 

Guardian of New Benalia
Guardian of New Benalia | Dominaria United

Introduced in Dominaria United, Enlist is a new mechanic that allows an attacking creature to be buffed with the power of another nonattacking creature. When a creature is Enlisted, the attacking creature with Enlist is given +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the Enlisted creature’s power. The Enlisted creature used to buff the creature with Enlist is tapped by this process. 

Rather uniquely, the Enlisted creature cannot have summoning sickness. The Enlisted creature must also be untapped and not attacking, which means no shenanigans with Vigilance. Despite these caveats, Enlist can target creatures that are affected by Auras, such as Pacifism. The Enlist effect is also able to target creatures with Defender, allowing them a means to be helpful in attacking.

How to Use Enlist In MTG?

Currently, only three of the currently spoiled cards in Dominaria United feature Enlist. Despite the lack of spoiled cards, however, Enlist is full of exciting and powerful possibilities. In its most basic form, seen on Yavimaya Steelcrusher, Enlist can be used to punch through big threats. This allows you to keep your high-power creatures safe while only threatening massive damage. 

On cards such as Keldon Flamesage, however, Enlist is far more powerful and synergistic. By increasing Keldon Flamesage’s power through Enlist, the card’s ability to search your library is greatly amplified. This similarly affects the strength of the spell that Keldon Flamesage lets you cast for free. Keldon Flamesage could become a potent threat in burn decks thanks to its synergizing effects. 

A creature being Enlisted can also activate additional effects, as seen on Guardian of New Benalia. Alongside its Enlist ability, Guardian of New Benalia also allows a player to scry 2 whenever it Enlists a creature. Due to the limited number of spoiled cards, it’s unclear how widespread additional abilities like this will be. Nevertheless, abilities that provide additional value on top of an already powerful mechanic are undoubtedly exciting. 

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