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6, May, 24

Upcoming Lucrative MTG Arena MH3 + Universes Beyond Bundles Have Been Leaked!

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Article at a Glance

Modern Horizons III’s release is coming up on us awfully fast. We’ve already seen a handful of leaks that have given us a good idea of what to expect moving forward. There are clearly a lot of powerful cards in the set and still tons more to be revealed.

Obviously, Modern is in for a big shake up soon enough. However, Modern Horizons III isn’t just going to influence Modern and Eternal formats. Just like the Lord of the Rings set, this set is going to be released on MTG Arena. As such, Historic and Timeless are bound to see some major changes in the near future.

To help get us hyped about the set’s Arena release, it appears we have some leaks of different bundle options players will be able to buy on the client. These bundles feature unique mixes of card styles, gems, wildcards, and other collectibles.

Of note, these bundles have not been officially revealed yet. It’s unclear the exact source where the leaks originated, and it’s possible some of this information turns out to be fake. It’s also not evident when all of these purchasable collections go live on MTG Arena, but with Modern Horizons III officially releasing on MTG Arena on June 11, it would make sense that the MH3-focused bundles would become available soon after. For purposes of this article, we will be covering things under the assumption they are real. If you’d like to wait for a more official announcement, though, consider this your spoiler warning.

MTG Fallout Card Styles

First, it appears that a couple groups of MTG Fallout card styles will become available for purchase in the near future. Each package features 10 distinct card styles. Notably, you will likely still need to craft the cards yourselves on MTG Arena. These card styles are primarily a cosmetic choice meant to enhance each card’s appearance.

One of the bundles focuses on showcasing MTG Fallout artwork on well-established Brawl staples. Cards like Mind Stone, Heroic Intervention, and Command Tower were all featured as reprints when the MTG Fallout Commander decks were released. However, the MTG Fallout set never came to Arena. Now, players that buy this bundle have the opportunity to utilize the unique Fallout-themed artwork for 10 specific Brawl all-stars.

The other bundle holds a similar purpose, but this time highlights a cycle of reprinted Dual Lands that appeared in MTG Fallout. These “Check” Lands, such as Isolated Chapel, aren’t the most powerful Lands in the world, but they’re perfectly serviceable in multi-color Brawl decks. The bundles are $9.99 each.

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Spark and Planeswalker Bundles

Next, we have two bundle options that aren’t directly related to any particular set. Instead, these groupings feature different mixes of gems, wildcards, draft tokens, and more. The MTGA Spark bundle, for example, comes with 1,500 gems, four rare and mythic wildcards each, some metallic Arena sleeves, and a Slimefoot Avatar. You can purchase this bundle for $24.99.

Considering the prices of each of these items individually, this is a reasonable deal from a value perspective. The price of 1,600 gems on Arena is $9.99, which is only 100 gems more than what this bundle offers. Meanwhile, four rare wildcards cost $9.99 and four mythic rare wildcard cost $19.99. Together, this totals almost $40. The bundle costs about $15 less and comes with some sleeves and an Avatar as a bonus.

The MTGA Planeswalker bundle costs $49.99 in total, and similarly gives you some bang for your buck. In this package, you get 6,500 gems, four draft tokens, Chatterfang sleeves and a Phelddagrif Avatar. Draft tokens let you enter premier drafts for free, which generally cost 1,500 gems to enter. As such, if you planned to use some of your gems to draft anyway, you are essentially getting 12,500 gems worth of value on top of the cosmetics.

As some players have pointed out, even purchasing the bundle for the gems alone is a decent deal. The best general deal on gems on Arena is 20,000 gems for about $100. The bundle only costs half the price but comes with more than half the number of gems and some neat sleeves plus an Avatar. If you’re planning to buy gems in the coming months, be on the lookout for this lucrative bundle option.

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MH3 Preorder Bundles

Lastly, we have two preorder bundles that each boast some specific Modern Horizons III content. For $49.99, you can buy the Sorin Pack bundle, which comes equipped with 50 MH3 packs, five Golden packs, and a Sorin of House Markov card, card style, and sleeve. Interestingly, Sorin of House Markov was one of the unique Transforming Planeswalkers leaked a few weeks ago. Overall, this is a reasonable deal considering the price of each item individually.

Each regular pack on MTG Arena usually costs 200 gems in the store. This product comes with 50 packs, which is 10,000 gems worth of packs. Given that 20,000 gems costs $100, these packs pay for the majority of the bundle by themselves. However, you also get five Golden packs and some Sorin-themed goodies. Golden packs each come with six cards that are guaranteed to be either rares or mythic rares. For more information, take a look here.

The other preorder bundle is the Tamiyo Play bundle coming in at $24.99. In this case, you get two draft tokens, one sealed token, five Play-In points, a Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student card, card style, and sleeve, and an Oozewagg Companion (I’m eager to find out what this is). The two draft tokens and one sealed token have an equivalent value of 5,000 gems, which once again is close in value to the price of the bundle itself.

The five Play-In points get you a quarter of the way towards entering a Qualifier Play-In event, which you can enter with either 20 Play-in points, 4,000 gems or 20,000 gold. With this in mind, if the Qualifier Play-In event is important to you and you plan on earning the other Play-In points through other events, this bundle could be a strong purchase.

All things considered, all of these deals are reasonably priced when compared to the traditional methods available for purchasing gems and other collectibles. Make sure to keep an eye out for these bundles to appear. Hopefully we get some more information about them in the coming weeks.

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