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28, Jul, 22

Unannounced MTG Sliver Cards are Showing Up Everywhere!

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Article at a Glance

A while back, one particular MTG proxy artist who was commissioned to create a Secret Lair for Wizards of the Coast received copies of his product early. @BenMakesStuff was shocked when he revealed an MTG Sliver printing that players had never seen before. After looking around a bit, he confirmed that this card had never been announced or seen. Well, now that series of Secret Lairs is going out to other players. It turns out there was a lot that WoTC was keeping from its fanbase!

Slivers are Taking Over

Full Art Sliver printings from the bonus slots of Secret Lairs are showing up everywhere! There have already been a few different cards discovered, and there’s likely a lot more to come. Reddit User u/Rico Vico posted this picture asking if anyone else had already shown it off. For Sliver enthusiasts who want to build a Commander deck full of these, Ward Sliver is a fantastic addition! Not only will it allow your Slivers to attack unblocked through a specific color of creatures, but it can also protect them from removal!

Another Reddit user, u/SiletheSilent, is showing off a Tempered Sliver acquired by a friend. If anything is clear at this point, Slivers aren’t coming from any particular Secret Lair. Any of the ones being mailed out right now (this one was from the Neon Ink Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Secret Lair) have a chance of sporting one of these Slivers. However, they seem rare enough that these are still popping out of the woodwork. It’s too early to tell how rare each individual Sliver will be. This also makes it difficult to put a price tag on these, but I expect them to be worth at least $70 (but probably more).

This Sliver was posted just an hour before this article was released! Reddit user U/inazir is showing off a Winged Sliver received from his foil Shades Not Included Secret Lair! Flying is a fantastic keyword for Slivers as it makes blocking them very tricky!

The Slivers just keep on coming! It feels like a new Sliver is being discovered every hour these days! This Sliver is capable of getting out of hand very quickly. Each Sliver that successfully deals damage to a player creates yet another Sliver! This card was discovered by U/ihateirony.

Earlier Discoveries

This Two-Headed Sliver was opened in another one of Ben’s “Shades not Included” Secret Lairs! All of these Slivers that have received premium treatment have some pretty powerful add-on abilities for your Sliver army. This means these will likely see fringe Commander play, which is the expected objective according to past instances of these chase cards. The only players who want incredibly rare shiny Persistent Petitioners are the ones who want to roll up to their Commander tables in style.

Horned Sliver was the first instance of these chase cards announced by @BenMakesStuff when he got the early copies of the Secret Lair. Trample is an essential keyword when you aim to send a bunch of powered-up Slivers to end your opponents.

How Many of These are There?

More of these should pop up as players receive and open their Secret Lairs. These Slivers seem relatively rare at this point but may not be as rare as the Persistent Petitioners from the last promotion. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how many of these MTG Sliver cards get the premium treatment!

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