20, Mar, 24

New MTG Arena Clues Reveals Secret In-Game Event!

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Article at a Glance

The MTG Arena ARG continues! Murders at Karlov Manor has started a sleuthing session for MTG Arena players. A series of clues have been provided for players to solve. The solutions all culminate into codes that can be entered for some extra goodies.

Until now, the rewards found with these new MTG Arena clues have not been game changing. Alongside some XP, players generally receive a card style for solving the mystery. While this is a nice treat, it won’t do much for your gameplay outside of making some of your cards look nicer. Regardless, players have been enjoying the unexpected interactive event.

Interestingly, three new codes have hit the scene, and one of them holds a surprising secret! There’s actually a secret event on MTG Arena where players can earn even more free prizes – provided you win some games, of course. That said, you can play as many games as you want, and you don’t even need your own cards to win. Best of all, the format for this event is Historic Brawl – Arena’s version of Commander!

Here’s how to find the Totally Normal Token and win the Totally Normal Event!

Magic Arena’s Secret Event

The secret event on MTG Arena is cheekily named the ‘Totally Normal Event.’ In order to enter, you need the Totally Normal Event Token, which is accessed by inputting a free code into the MTG Arena shop (on desktop). The code is found by solving one of the two new clues, but if you do not want to solve the mystery for yourself, we will provide the code here.

Enter the code Oba into the MTG Arena shop in order to unlock the Totally Normal Event Token. You should also acquire 1000 XP and a full art card style for Deduce. Considering Deduce is a decent Limited card, and sees occasional play in Explorer, players may have a use for this particular card style.

Oba refers to the main killer in Murders at Karlov Manor. This is one of the three heads of Trostani, the guild leader of the Selesnya guild. Considering that the Selesnya guild is mostly known for their soft handed approach and peaceful tactics, its rather surprising to realize that one of the three heads of Trostani is the killer in question.

What is the Totally Normal Event?

The Totally Normal Event offers eleven different preconstructed decks for players to try. According to the description text for the event, it appears that these are all decks from past events of a similar structure.

Shockingly, these 11 decks are actually Historic Brawl decks! This makes the event rather enjoyable to play, but also means that choosing the right deck can seriously affect how quickly you complete your event. These games can go long!

Prizes are offered for players who manage to acquire up to five wins. Each win unlocks a new Dossier card style for players to enjoy. If you’re a fan of Murders at Karlov Manor, you’ll want to find your way to this event. Here are the card styles offered for completing the Totally Normal Event:

  • Lazav, Wearer of Faces
  • Aurelia, the Law Above
  • Niv-Mizzet, Guildpact
  • Rakdos, Patron of Chaos
  • Vannifar, Evolved Enigma

What is the Best Deck for the Totally Normal Event?

We managed to rack up all five of our wins with the Galazeth Prismari Historic Brawl deck, and we did it without losing a single game. This is a Treasure-focused spellslinging deck that wants to use Galazeth’s ability to tap Treasure Tokens and cast expensive spells. Notably, your Treasure Tokens will be preserved, essentially acting as extra lands. There are a few value-generating cards in this deck that go far beyond the capabilities of opposing strategies.

Goldspan Dragon is an absolute beating, and can easily be played ahead of schedule. A common play pattern that had opponents conceding the game was to play both Goldspan Dragon and Galazeth on turn 4. This generates a ton of board presence and mana.

It is incredibly difficult for opponents to beat Arcane Bombardment, as long as you can fuel it quickly. Remember that Bombardment triggers on each player’s turn, so make sure you’re saving your instants to trigger this card as much as possible. Since Arcane Bombardment immediately casts your spells, you don’t need to worry about it failing to cast sorceries on your opponent’s turn.

This felt better than what my opponents were doing, but a lot of players simply conceded after Goldspan Dragon hit the table, so take that as you will.

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Other MTG Arena Codes

A bunch of new MTG Clue related codes hit the client at the same time. While the Totally Normal Event Token is definitely the most important prize, the other codes can give you some additional free goodies. Here are all the codes that have been made available for players recently:

  • 2005 (Red Herring)
  • Golgari/Izoni/Greenblack (500 XP + Coerced to Kill card style)
  • Murdered (500 XP + Deadly Complication card style)

These aren’t all the MTG Arena codes presented in this little ARG event. If you would like to access all the free goodies that Arena has to offer, check out our MTG Arena code guide.

We Hope This Returns!

This was, by far, the most enjoyable set-related MTG Arena event I’ve experienced in some time. Directly interacting with the player through the mail box was a real treat, and it coerced me to try and solve riddles and participate in events that I would generally ignore. Having to find these events certainly makes them a lot more enticing, and gives the MTG Arena weekly events a fresh breath of life. I sincerely hope that these interactive elements stick around with future sets.

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