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Top 11 Most Expensive March of the Machine EDH Reprints!

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Article at a Glance

The full decklists for the March of the Machine Commander preconstructed decks have finally been released. Calvary Charge looks a bit ahead of the other options regarding financial value, but the financial forecast should look very different from what it will in a few weeks’ time. The two most significant things to note are that the new Commander cards released in these EDH decks do not yet have a confirmed monetary value, and the reprints these decks offer have not yet hit the secondary market. As such, the value of these reprints will likely drop once these decks are released to the world, but, for now, here are some of the most expensive reprints appearing in the March of the Machine preconstructed EDH decks! We will be taking prices from MTGgoldfish for this particular list.

#11 Tireless Tracker

tireless tracker

Tireless Tracker is a midrange favorite capable of providing a growing body that can also draw a lot of cards. This card creates Clue tokens whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control and gains a +1/+1 counter every time you sacrifice a Clue.

The card had a competitive history in Modern, but Tireless Tracker is, generally, too slow to compete with the post-modern Horizons metagame. You’ll find this nostalgic MTG creature card sitting around the $5 mark in the Tinker Time Commander deck.

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#10 Kykar, Wind’s Fury

kykar, wind's fury

Kykar, Wind’s Fury is a nightmare of a Commander to see in an opponent’s Command Zone. This Commander likes to cast a ton of noncreature spells, creating Spirits in the process. These Spirits can then be sacrificed for red mana, which… can be used to cast more spells.

Notably, Kykar’s ability to sacrifice Spirit tokens for red mana does not specify that the creatures must be untapped. As such, these tokens can play double duty in a Convoke deck. Use Kykar’s Spirit tokens to help Convoke for bigger spells before sacrificing them to cast even more spells. You can find this $5 card in the Convoke-themed Divine Convocation preconstructed deck.

#9 Karn’s Bastion

karn's bastion

This interesting utility land was first released as a part of War of the Spark. The card offers a colorless land that can also Proliferate at the cost of four mana (and tapping itself). Considering how central the Proliferate strategy was to Phyrexia: All Will be One, it’s unsurprising that a Proliferate utility land has a $5.50 price tag. This card can be found in the Growing Threat EDH preconstructed deck, which can be used to grow the +1/+1 counters on your Incubator tokens.

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#8 Knight Exemplar

knight exemplar

Since a Knight-themed Commander deck has made its way to March of the Machine, reprinting a Knight lord as incredible as this one makes sense. Not only is the card difficult to block in combat, but Knight Exemplar can also make all of your other Knights Indestructible.

Knight Exemplar was an early speculation for many of the finance-savvy MTG players following the reveal of the new Eminence Commander leading this deck. Ironically, now that it’s getting reprinted, Knight Exemplar isn’t too likely to exceed its current asking price of $6.25 anytime soon.

#7 Secure the Wastes

secure the wastes

Secure the Wastes, found in the Jeskai Divine Convocation deck, is a great tool to turn mana into creatures. In a Convoke deck, these creatures can also be used as additional mana, making Secure the Wastes an absolutely ridiculous form of mana ramp. Secure the Wastes is best used in a Convoke deck like this, and its potential, when synergized with is strongly represented by its $6.50ish price tag.

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#6 Ancient Stone Idol

Ancient Stone Idol is a bizarre Commander card that rewards players for going wide and attacking with many creatures. You can even play the Stone Idol for free if you have enough attacking creatures. The reward that awaits you is a gigantic 12/12 creature that cannot be blocked efficiently and leaves a body behind after it falls.

Initially printed in Commander 2018, you can now find this in the Phyrexian-themed Orzhov Growing Threat EDH preconstructed deck coming out with March of the Machine. The card’s $7 price tag may be due partly to its low availability, so it may lose a significant amount of its value due to its reprint.

#5 Adeline, Resplendant Cathar


Here’s a card that we missed in our first iteration of this top 10 list! Adeline, Respendent Cathar is a fantastic Commander card in go-wide creature decks, but the card is so powerful that it sees a good amount of competitive play as well. You can find this card in Esper Legends lists in Standard and Pioneer as well as in Mono White Aggro in Pioneer and Explorer. Adeline can be found in the Calvary Charge Commander deck and currently goes for about $10

#4 Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

elspeth, sun's champion

There is a huge jump in value that starts at the number four spot on this list. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion is one of the most powerful Planeswalkers ever printed. The absurd +1 loyalty ability on this card is absolutely incredible, allowing you to create an army of token creatures. This is coupled with a board wipe effect that ignores the tokens that Elspeth creates and an ultimate that turns those tokens into a massive win condition.

Considering all this, Elspeth’s Sun’s Champion currently fetches about $12 on the secondary market. This card is available in the Divine Convocation Commander deck, which, while fitting Elspeth’s recent transformation, gives the creature tokens a whimsical application. The deck in question cares about Convoke, which means that the creature tokens that are created by Elspeth, Sun’s Champion can be used to pay Convoke costs.

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#3 Vanquisher’s Banner

vanquisher's banner

Vanquisher’s Banner is one of the most powerful generic tribal payoffs in all of Commander. Found in the Knight tribal Calvary Charge deck, Vanquisher’s Banner is currently retailing for a value of around $14. Vanquisher’s Banner can give all your creatures under a chosen creature type a slight buff while drawing you a card whenever you cast a creature under that type. This makes you a lot less susceptible to a board wipe since you will still have plenty of resources for follow-up plays thanks to the Banner’s draw ability. That said, for obvious reasons, this card will only see play in a tribal deck.

#2 Kalonian Hydra

kalonian hydra

Kalonian Hydra sports an impressive $15.33 price tag – very impressive for a preconstructed Commander deck reprint! Anyone familiar with the preconstructed decks’ themes can probably figure out where this card comes from. Found in the Call for Backup counter-themed precon, Kalonian Hydra is a walking creature made out of +1/+1 counters. Every time the Hydra attacks, it doubles the amount of these counters on every single creature you control. For reference, the deck’s Commander also features a Backup ability that does the same thing. It’s easy to see how this snowball effect could quickly get out of control and unexpectedly one-shot someone in your Commander pod.

The biggest boon of Kalonian Hydra is its ability to double the +1/+1 counters on every creature you control. The card is still powerful if you don’t have other synergies, but there are five mana creatures that can probably do more for you if that’s the case.

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#1 Hero of Bladehold

hero of bladehold

Hero of Bladehold is technically the most expensive reprint currently found in the March of the Machine preconstructed Commander decks. Valued at $15.37, only a few cents more than the second pick, Hero of Bladehold is a one-person army. Not only does this card trigger a universal attack boost on attack for all of your creatures, but Hero of Bladehold also creates two tapped and attacking 1/1 creature tokens. This means that the Hero represents a massive 7/6 worth of stats on its own when it attacks, and the creature tokens can stack, creating an extra 4/2 worth of stats every attack step. This card can be found in the Calvary Charge preconstructed deck. If going wide and stats matter, this reprint could be a great addition to your Commander deck.

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