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Bloomburrow Reveals new MTG Squirrel Tutor

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As per usual, now that prerelease season has begun, Bloomburrow has hit the ground running with new cards. Amazing typal treats can be found at every turn, but nothing may be able to top this.

Yes, we have a new Nykthos-esque land that cares about creature types, but we now have perhaps one of the most anticipated things that players never knew they wanted. Squirrel Typal fans rejoice! You now have a tutor!

Let’s take a look at Thornvault Forager, plus some new, powerful Bloomburrow spoilers!

Thornvault Forager

Thornvault Forager looks rather versatile, and quite powerful in a Squirrel-themed deck. This little fella is capable of adding green mana regardless of the situation. Should that not be enough, they can also add two green mana if you are able to take advantage of the Forage ability.

To quickly recap, Forage is an ability commonly found on Squirrels in this set. Basically, it’s an additional cost that involves either sacrificing Food or exiling three cards from the grave. You can read more about all of Bloomburrow’s new mechanics here.

Obviously, we came here to search up some Squirrels, and Thornvault Forager is capable of doing that. For four mana, Thornvault Forager can search up any Squirrel card to your hand. This means that any Squirrel Kindred cards are also fair game for the Forager.

Four mana may seem expensive, but Thornvault Forager already fills a role as a mana dork. Having the ability to find threats when the ability to tap for mana becomes irrelevant is an insane boon for the Forager. This means that your creature will always be relevant, whether you’re getting ahead of the curve or assembling some dastardly combination of Squirrels.

Ultimately, Thornvault Forager may become a necessary requirement in any Squirrel Typal decks. Even outside of that, any Commander decks interested in utilizing Chatterfang, Squirrel General in the 99 can likely make use of this card. As long as you have a relevant target to search for with Thornvault Forager, it will likely outshine other mana dork options in your decks.

Thundertrap Trainer

Thundertrap Trainer shows off an Offspring cost we haven’t seen before. It is rather costly to make a copy of this card, but the ETB effect on this card demonstrates why.

Thunderclap Trainer essentially allows you to get a body that replaces itself with action, as long as your deck is built properly. As a two-mana play, this isn’t too bad. If you have a ton of mana to use up and you draw this card, you can also choose to get two bodies and two cards for six mana.

A lot of people are interested in utilizing the new Flare of Denial with Thunderclap Trainer. This, essentially, grants access to a free counterspell with no downsides. You play Thunderclap Trainer, which replaces itself, and then use the body for Flare of Denial. Whether or not that will be good enough for the Modern format is another question entirely, but it is a cute interaction.

Notably, Thunderclap Trainer is the Bundle Promo for Bloomburrow.

Flubs, the Fool

If I were anthropomorphized onto the plane of Bloomburrow, I am sure that this is what I would become. Flubs, the Fool is the Buy-a-Box promo for Bloomburrow and offers a really bizarre effect. The flavor text is incredibly evocative of my directional prowess.

Flubs wants you to play Hellbent, basically the entire time. Once you get down to one card in hand, this effect is stupidly powerful. Every single thing you do will become a cantrip. Flubs even lets you play an additional land per turn, cantripping even harder. This can, and will, be used in Commander as a tool to win the game quickly. Going through your entire deck is not out of the question.

The downside of having such a powerful ability is that Flubs will throw resources away if you have something else going on in your hand. Of course, this can be combined with effects like Madness, but that doesn’t play well with Flub’s interest in you having only one card in hand. Maximizing this card in Commander will be a fun challenge.

Notably, this card is actually Commander only, which may be confusing since Buy-a-Box promos generally do not follow this.

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Season of Loss

The new Season cards all seem to be modal spells that use paw points (that’s what we’re calling them), to create a new way to choose modes related to currency. You get five paw points to spend, and you can spend them on abilities that cost a different number of paw points. Notably, this is not like the Energy mechanic so you can’t stock up on paw points.

Season of Loss is a rather powerful boardwipe-esque effect that can refill your hand or cause some serious damage to your opponents. Generally, the ability to wipe three of your opponent’s creatures and draw six cards is absolutely insane, as long as you also have creatures to sacrifice. Even if you don’t drawing three cards and making your opponent sacrifice three creatures is absolutely absurd. Invoke Despair was quite powerful, and this card has similarities. I expect Season of Loss to become a roleplayer in the Standard format.

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Beza, the Bounding Spring

Beza, the Boundless Spring is a four mana Elemental Elk that appears to be one of the many Calamity Beats that roam the plane of Bloomburrow. This is perhaps the most White card we’ve ever seen. Beza offers insane rewards if you’re behind your opponent in any way. If you’re behind in terms of lands, you get Treasure. You gain four life if you’re behind in life, two 1/1 blue Fish if you’re behind in creatures, and a card if you’re behind in card advantage.

This card is absolutely absurd. It may not seem that way at first glance, but Beza allows slower strategies to stabilize in a heartbeat. Gaining four life and creating three bodies is a great way to slow down any aggressive strategies. The card creates absurd amounts of value at max capacity, and can even be flickered to keep up any deficits. This is another card that has our vote to impact the Standard format. Heck, Beza could even impact Pioneer.

Stay Tuned for Our Exclusive Reveal!

We’re always excited to talk about the newest MTG cards the world has seen, but on July 12, we get to reveal a few of our own! Make sure to tune in at 1 PM EST and check out exactly what cards we have to show off!

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