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26, May, 22

This Weird Walmart MTG Product May be More Valuable Than Expected

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We’re back at Walmart trying to figure out if their newest mystery product is worth the money spent. The newest MTG Power Cube is available on shelves everywhere.

There isn’t any major chase value like the Revised pack in this Walmart product, but if you’re interested in picking this up at shelves in your area, I’ve got the info on what you’re probably going to find.

The MTG Power Cube

The 2022 Walmart Mystery Cube comes with two set boosters, a relic pack, and two promo cards. The relic pack refers to Ultra Pro’s series of Relic Tokens; MTG accessories that can help keep track of various types of tokens and counters. These are quite stylish, and therefore can sometimes fetch a surprisingly high price. There is a one in four chance to find a chase pack. With that out of the way, lets look at the most common things you will find in your Mystery Cube:

Promo Cards

Good news! The promo cards aren’t terrible this time! Both of the most common promos are decent in Commander and have some secondary market value. Unless you’re really after one of these and are having a hard time finding them, the promo cards alone are not worth the cube. Scute Swarm and Vito, Thorn of Dusk Rose are by far the most common promos you will find in this cube. Both of these cards are very playable in Commander. Scute Swarm can get out of control quickly in a landfall deck, threatening to get to numbers over a couple hundred very quickly. Vito is capable of crafting an infinite with Exquisite Blood, draining your opponent’s life total to zero. Otherwise, Vito is a good slot in any lifegain oriented EDH deck.

There have been other resale promos found, like Nyx Lotus, but don’t expect to find anything better than the two listed here.

Most Common Packs

The packs in this cube don’t see very much variation. You will only find set boosters, so don’t expect anything other than that. This leads me to question what is considered a chase pack. Are the set boosters on the box considered a chase pack? I hope that there’s the potential for something more interesting, like an Ultimate Masters Pack. In all my research for writing this article, however, I have not seen a single non-set booster opened in this cube.

Like most packs of Magic cards, you do have a chance of cracking open some value. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Crimson Vow and D&D Adventures of Forgotten Realms set boosters are the most common things you will find in this cube.

Meathook Massacre

Both Crimson Vow and Midnight Hunt have some goodies to offer the lucky customer. The Meathook Massacre is the definite highlight, retailing for $55! Getting some of the Slowlands like Haunted Ridge can also get you a little ahead.

deadly dispute

If you find an Adventures of the Forgotten Realms pack watch out for Deadly Dispute. This is worth $4, which is insane for a common. Old Gnawbone and Lier, Disciple of the Drowned are some of the pricier cards you can hit in this pack.

Relic Tokens

Ok, so this is the strangest part of the Mystery Cube. Relic Tokens are a line of products from Ultra Pro that are MTG accessories. Basically, you can use them to represent tokens or counters of varying value in game, or just use them as a life tracker. The more common use of these is just to use them as fancy lifetrackers, but if you’re playing something like Modern Infect and you really want that poison counter to stay on theme, then this could be for you too.

There is a surprising market for these. There’s also certain token packs that are way better to open than others. If possible, you want to open the packs that have larger faced tokens inside them. The Relentless Collection or the Legendary Collection are the packs that you are hoping to see, while the Lineage Collection is the one that don’t want. Even if you do get a Lineage pack, you can luck out and get a Wurmcoil Engine token; nonfoil variants of which go for about $9 on the secondary market. Nonfoil larger-faced Tokens can go for as much as $16 each, making the potential takeaway of a lucky Relentless pack be around $50! Sealed Relentless packs, like the ones found in this mystery cube, are worth about $15. This is a strange sub market to enter though. You may have trouble selling off your tokens for market value.

The Relentless and Lineage Collections are the most common Relic packs that you will find in this Walmart Power Cube.

Is it Worth it?

What’s my judgment on the Walmart 2022 MTG Power Cube? To answer that, I will pose a question:

Are you interested in the Relic Tokens?

If no, then this isn’t the product for you. You’re much better off just buying booster packs or singles instead.

If yes, then this surprisingly feels like a good product. There’s a chance you’ll find a better deal elsewhere, but Relic Tokens, in my experience, are very difficult to find. If you don’t want to spend time looking, this product may be able to sate your token needs.

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