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This New MTG New Capenna Card Might Be the Best One Yet

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Preview season for Magic: the Gathering‘s next set, Streets of New Capenna is only a few days away and Wizards of the Coast continues to sprinkle some early cards for the community. Today, we got another charm, and this one may be one of the best yet.

Fifth Time’s The Charm

The fifth and final charm that we have been given is Brokers Charm. It’s Green, White, and Blue, and is actually quite good. Obviously, the charms have 3 abilities, each in line with one of the colors in the charm.

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The green ability is a “punch” ability, which is rare but powerful! Usually we have fight spells, where the two creatures involved exchange blows, and so you have to plan out how you execute that spell. This is one sided, so you don’t risk your creature dying in the exchange.

For white, we have destroy target enchantment, or Disenchant. This is a pretty common effect in white, but very powerful in the current landscape of Standard. With decks like Naya Runes, and the overall power of enchantments, there’s usually a good target for this.

Lastly for the blue ability, we have Draw 2 cards. Simple effect, but can be very powerful in the right circumstances. The deck that I could see wanting to play this is a version of Selesnya Midrange, that splashes blue. Usually in these kinds of decks, you have very little ways to draw cards after making your plays.

Selesnya Midrange is a top contending deck in the format right now. With this addition to the format, there’s hopefully going to be some deviations in the deck. On one hand we could go Naya, and on the other Bant. I think that Naya lends itself more to the tokens strategy, where as Bant, we’ll leverage some decent midrange threats, and use this charm as our toolbox card to help us win the game.

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While this particular charm may seem a bit simple, I expect that it will be very impactful in the decks it gets played in. We’ll be comparing the cycle in it’s entirety tomorrow now that the last one is out, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

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