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This New D&D Card Might Be the Gateway to Success For Budget Decks

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In the world of Commander, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for players to figure out is the mana base. Often times though, they can get VERY expensive, especially for 3 to 5 color decks. Well today, there’s a new card that can solve all this problem and it comes from Battle for Baldur’s Gate. This card is one of 9 and could be the gateway to success for budget decks.

The Gateway

Wizards of the Coast

The card we’re talking about today is called Gond Gate. Gates are an easy way for budget players to get a 5 color mana base, especially since there’s a cheap pay off in Maze’s End. The problem is that since gates come in tapped, you’re always playing from behind. Well, Gond Gate takes care of all of that. The card is in French, but we have the translation.

“Gond Gate

Land: Gate

Gates you control enter the battlefield untapped.

T: Add (1)
T: Add one mana of any color that a gate you control could produce.

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This card is CRAZY good! Letting your gates come in untapped effectively turns them into duals. It’s also a great color fixing land for us since we’re playing a bunch of gates. On top of that, it’s another gate for us to have in play to win with Maze’s End. The best part, it’s UNCOMMON! This makes it incredibly accessible to all people.

Wizards of the Coast

In addition the 10 guild gates, we have Gateway Plaza, Baldur’s Gate itself, as well as Gond Gate. We know that there’s 9 total gates in Battle for Baldur’s Gate, so we should be getting 7 more.

Wizards of the Coast

My guess is that the rest of the gates are going to be uncommons or commons, so this archetype will be come more powerful and accessible. While it isn’t necessarily a close call when it comes to picking between these and proper duals or shocks, this is still a great way to build a mana base on a budget.

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