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This New Capenna Planeswalker Is NUTTY In Commander

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We are in the thick of preview season for Streets of New Capenna. We’ve already been shown some insane cards from the set, but there’s one that seems NUTS in commander. It’s got some very powerful abilities that can fit in a variety of decks.

On The Hunt

Wizards of the Coast

One of our new planeswalkers, Vivien on the Hunt is who we’ll be talking about today. Now if you were to look at this planeswalker, at a glance, it doesn’t seem like it’s worthwhile in 60 card constructed, and you’d be right. Paying 6 mana for a planeswalker that at worst is only going to net you a 4/4 Rhino Warrior creature isn’t spectacular. Where this card shines is in commander.

Vivien’s Abilities

Wizards of the Coast

Her first ability is a Birthing Pod, which has historically been one of the most powerful effects in Magic, and a very strong one in commander. Most green decks are playing creatures, and so there is some benefit to going up the chain into your bigger threats, essentially for free. Not to mention, you get to trigger any death and enter the battlefield effects with this as well.

The second ability Mills 5 cards, and you can put any number of creatures that were milled into your hand. This ability is really multifaceted. If we’re looking to refuel our hands with creatures, then digging 5 deep is pretty strong. But if we’re using this as a way to fuel a graveyard synergy in some fashion, then this is also fantastic.

Lastly the 4/4 Rhino Warrior creature token is a solid ability, but nothing game breaking. The creature is generally pretty strong, as 4 toughness can block a lot of things, and often requires 2 burn spells to deal with. It’s also a really solid attacker if we can untap with it so there’s nothing to complain about here.

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Vivien’s Home

While Vivien can fit into almost any green deck, there’s one in particular that I think she will really find a home in, and that’s Meren of Clan Nel Toth.

Wizards of the Coast

Meren of Clan Nel Toth is a commander that cares about a few things. First off, it cares about creatures dying. This helps fuel the Experience Counters for Meren. It additionally wants creatures to be in the graveyard. Viven gives us the best of both worlds, and not to mention, the tokens are great fodder to boost our experience counters.

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We’re only 2 days in on previews, and there’s sure to be far more fantastic cards to come. Be sure to stay tuned to our Preview Gallery to keep up to date with all the new cards.

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