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2, Jul, 21

This Forgotten Realms MTG Card Might Bring Back Mono White Taxes In Historic

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One of the decks that I love the most in Magic: the Gathering is Death & Taxes. Its a deck made up of smaller creatures that have “tax” effects, making spells our opponent cast cost more. In the Historic format, we have a lot of the pieces that make up this deck. Below is the list that I played in a tournament, Stream League 4.

The deck performs quite well, but one card that the deck is missing is a way to protect your creatures from cheaper removal. We have a sideboard card that can do this in Unbreakable Formation, which can do great work, but one of the new cards in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms might be just good enough to warrant a main deck slot.

Wizards of the Coast

Guardian of Faith is a great card for this deck. Phasing out creatures is a really powerful effect, effectively being able to save them from specific removal. Yes it may open up an opportunity for our opponent to play a spell, but our creature’s taxing effects are often necessary to keep around. Additionally it can help in saving one of our higher power creature to keep pressure on our opponent. Often times, we’ll use a couple Elite Spellbinder to rip spells from our opponent’s hand. Those 2 creatures put quite a clock on our opponent’s life total. It’s often fast enough that we don’t need to over commit to the board, and can keep up mana to flash in Guardian of Faith.

I think that this card can also be great in other decks such as Boros Aggro, or Selesnya Collected Company. Expect to see this card in constructed going forward. What decks would you want to use Guardian of Faith in? Let us know in the comments!

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