21, Jan, 22

This Deck Gives a Whole New Meaning to Control

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Article at a Glance

A couple days ago, we talked about how the Alchemy Metagame on Magic Arena is incredibly diverse, and honestly better than Standard. One thing that I mentioned in the article was an awesome deck that won the Stream League 7 event. Today, we’re going to look at that deck, because it’s redefining what control means in Magic.

Rakdos Control

The deck that we’re going to be looking at is Rakdos Control, by Eliott Dragon. This is a control deck, but has a very different feel to the game plan. The deck uses a host of board removal pieces, and a couple strong creatures to dictate the pacing of the game. Let’s break the deck down!

The Removal

There’s quite a bit of removal here, but each plays a specific role. Spikefield Hazard and Shatterskull Smashing can double up as land drops when needed, and Hazard can go upstairs as well. Abrade deals with some problematic artifacts, but also deals with a lot of the early game threats.

The Meathook Massacre helps deal with a wide board, with the added benefit of draining life. Infernal Grasp is premium, unconditional spot removal with a small cost. Brittle Blast helps deal with bigger creatures and planeswalkers nicely, dealing 5 and exiling the card if it dies. Where things get interesting is the next two cards.

Electrostatic Blast is one of our card advantage sources, allowing us to play 3 cards deep into our deck in the mid to late game. The 2 damage can also go to the life total which gives us a little additional reach if needed. Igneous Inspiration does something similar, but we can leverage our Learn board for cards.

Starving the Opponent

We have a couple card cards that help further starving the opponent of resources. Go Blank hits 2 cards from our opponent’s hand and exiles their graveyard. Inscription of Ruin has multiple modes to fit our needs, but can be all of the above if we kick it in the late game.

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The Creatures

With most control decks, there’s often some a creature or two to hold a board presence and win the game. There’s a few here that are quite spicy.

First off, Bloodthirsty Adversary is a nice hasty threat that helps us to double up on our mass amount of spells. The deck also takes advantage of Sedgemoor Witch since we’re playing so many instants and sorceries. The pests are a great way to stave off small attackers, and can net us life and prolong the game.

The big baddy in the deck is Town-razer Tyrant. A 4/4 for 4 flyer may not seem like much, but it’s ability is what makes it work so well. With the amount of incremental damage that this deck does with Meathook, Electrostatic Blast, and Igneous Inspiration, adding a recurring source of incremental damage is a big deal. What’s more, even if this doesn’t pile up too much damage, it is going to set our opponent back a land, which is what we want.

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The Mirthless

Wizards of the Coast

The one cool inclusion, but one that’s VERY smart is Sorin the Mirthless. Sorin does everything we would want in a planeswalker. He provides us cards with his +1, and a 2/3 evasive, life linking body for his -2. We’re probably not ever getting him to his Ultimate, as his other two abilities are too valuable.

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The deck is super sweet and thanks to Eliott Dragon for the deck. Give this one a try! Eliott even cashed in the Arena Open with the deck as well so it’s highly competitive!

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