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This Black Card Is So Powerful In Commander

Sometimes you've got to make space for the powerhouse cards.
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There are some cards that are simply so good that not having them in a deck they fit into is a legitimate mistake. There aren’t many out there that we’d go to bat for though. Even Sol Ring, which many would argue is the only card that’s completely essential in Commander, is one that we’ll occasionally take out of a deck in favor of something more interesting. Rarely more, powerful, but certainly more interesting.

Amongst these kinds of cards is a mono-black enchantment that will absolutely revolutionise your mana generation. The only downside of this is that it’s at its best in a mono-black or two-color deck, but when it’s good, it’s one of the best cards in MTG.

Please, play Black Market

Black Market is a five-mana enchantment that reads, “Whenever a creature dies, put a charge counter on Black Market. At the beginning of your precombat main phase, add {B} for each charge counter on Black Market.” In short, this card is an extraordinary way to generate mana, and it’s more than capable of winning a game even if you’re not putting it in a deck that really feeds it.

If, however, you decide to build a deck that’s sacrificing creatures or killing off the one’s your opponent controls, then this is going to so quickly get out of hand,t hat left unanswered it’ll ramp you way beyond your normal means.

Let’s say, for example, you decide to play a board wipe the turn after you play Black Market. You’ve got three creatures out, so does your opponent. That’s six counters on Black Market, assuming nothing else happened before this. Assuming you’ve missed no land drops, this puts you all the way up to thirteen mana on turn seven. There are a lot of things you can do with thirteen mana, and if you’re then also going to be using sacrifice cards and other targetted removal, Black Market only gets better the longer the game goes on. This is especially true if you’ve got reliable mana sinks like Torment of Hailfire too.

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