Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
30, Jun, 21

This Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Creature Might Be The Best In The Set

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Over the past couple of years, Wizards of the Coast has been printing more powerful cards into the Standard environment. One of the places that we see this have the most impact is in the quality of green creatures printed, and the creatures in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is no different. We just got a new creature revealed that might be the best green creature in the set.

Pushed Creatures

As I mentioned, the green creatures of the past few sets that have been printed are really powerful. Lovestruck Beast and Questing Beast fitting into many a green based aggro deck for their sheer power and speed. Lovestruck Beast is a really over stated creature for 3 mana, and can bring the damage when it matters. Questing Beast has a wall of text for it’s abilities, but what matters is that it’s hasty and vigilant. It gets in damage against aggro decks, and can deal with planeswalkers. Elder Gargaroth is also incredibly strong too, being a massive body at 5 mana, and can attack and block with benefits. But we’ve played with these cards for a while. Let’s look at the new contender in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

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Wizards of the Coast

Our newest Green power house creature is Froghemoth. For 5 mana, we get a 4/4 body with Trample and Haste which is quite nice. The second ability is where things get a little bit crazy. When he deals damage to a player, you get to exile that many cards from their graveyard, and gets a +1/+1 counter for each creature, and you gain a life for each noncreature that get exiled this way.

Imagine a world where we are playing a Mono Green deck, and we get to curve out Lovestruck Beast, into Questing Beast, into Froghemoth. We’re putting a lot of power on the board and we have to force our opponents to deal with it immediately or take a lot of damage. In a set like Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, where a lot of the creatures may be smaller creatures, or really huge creatures with massive casting costs, Froghemoth fits in as the frontrunner for one of the best creatures in the set.

We still have a lot to go for preview season, so there could be more haymakers in there but Froghemoth stands a cut above the rest. What are your thoughts on Froghemoth and what’s your pick for most powerful creature in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms? Let us know in the comments!

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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is set to release on July 23rd on tabletop, and 2 weeks before on Magic Online and Magic Arena. Preview season is set to begin this week, and you can find all the new spoilers in our Spoiler Gallery. You can also preorder Adventures in the Forgotten Realms products now!

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