18, Jun, 21

This 100-Card Historic Brawl Deck On Magic Arena Is Easy Mode

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Article at a Glance

It’s finally here! The long awaited 100-card Historic Brawl events are finally upon us for Magic Arena. Today is FNM at home, a free chance to try the format out! Today we’ll be taking the deck that we covered on Wednesday for a spin in the FNM at Home event to see how powerful this deck really is, and spoiler alert, it’s quite literally easy mode.

The Wrap Up

So this deck was awesome! It can have some iffy starts, but can also have some insane starts as well. This is a deck where you get to do some really powerful things, and can get some free wins off it. Definitely give this one a shot and let us know in the comments, what deck are you most excited to try out in the 100 card Historic Brawl format?

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