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These Explorer Tribal Decks Are EASY MODE on MTG Arena

With the Historic Metagame shifting, Tribal Aggro decks are an EASY choice to take the ladder by storm.
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The world of Explorer on MTG Arena is a bit up in the air right now. With the additional banning of Expressive Iteration and the exodus of the Izzet Tempo deck from the format, there were some clear winners to lead the pack. Well, there’s a couple of decks that have popped up in popularity, and they’re both Tribal decks! Today we’ll look at both of these decks, because they’re pretty easy mode for ladder.

Mono Blue Spirits

The first deck that we have is Mono Blue Spirits. This deck has existed on the fringes of the meta prior to the bans, but the meta has opened up for it to shine. It aims to leverage some cheap spirits and lords to get in some quick damage. It backs this up with some key counter magic and tempo plays.

The deck doesn’t go above 3 mana for any of its spells, so it’s also using Curious Obsession to keep the cards flowing. Here’s an importable list for this deck.

This deck can get off the ground very quickly, not requiring a ton of resources to get going. Often times you can pressure your opponent’s life total very quickly and seal the game off your tempo alone.

The next deck that we have is a the Explorer-ized version of a Standard and Historic staple.

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Selesnya Humans

Next up is Selesnya Humans. This deck looks familiar if you have played Standard and Historic in the last 6 months. Our goal is to get down some small but powerful human creatures, and snowball the tempo advantage.

Each of the creatures above are pretty staple for the deck. You can build a very big board very quickly with these. Now this version of the deck is utilizing a new Streets of New Capenna card, Extraction Specialist.

Wizards of the Coast

Extraction Specialist is a really interesting inclusion here. It reanimates a 2 mana value or less creature from our graveyard, but it can’t attack or block as long as we control Extraction Specialist. That may seem like a downside, but we can leverage that quick nicely by bringing back Thalia’s Lieutenant or Luminarch Aspirant. We can get the value out of these creatures without having to attack.

Now to tie everything together, we have 1 particular card. It’s Selesnya Humans, so we have Collected Company as that green card in the deck.

Wizards of the Coast

Just like Curious Obsession for the Spirits deck, Collected Company is this deck’s way to keep cards flowing. It’s key for building back against removal since we can cast it at instant speed, so we can spring this at the opportune moment. Here’s the list for Humans.

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If you’re looking for a fast and strong deck to take the ladder on, these decks definitely can do that for you. Both decks are very strong, but I personally like Humans a bit more, but it does come down to play style.

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