8, Sep, 21

There's Up To 50% Off These MTG Carrying Cases!

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There are crazy sales happening on MTG card carriers. We've rounded up the best of them here.
Article at a Glance

Magic is a communal game. Naturally, this will involve some traveling, such as to your local game store, to friends’ houses, and even bigger tournaments. How are you going to bring your collection with you?

Just using your average day-to-day backpack may suffice. That is until the day you find your Jace, The Mind Sculpter fell out of its compartment and is crumpled at the bottom of your bag. That’s why getting an official card carrier is so important.

Taking into consideration storage capacity, protection, and STYLE, we’ve picked out several amazing carrying cases for MTG, all at great prices.

Best MTG Carrying Cases on SALE

Magic: The Gathering Game Walker Black Backpack

Click Here to Buy: MTG Game Walker Backpack

The Game Walker backpack is going to provide a comfortable means of transportation for your MTG collection. It has inner-organizational deck dividers to organize your Magic collection. Plus they are adjustable. This means you can bring your Commander decks, Modern decks, and trades with ease.

This is a great card carrier for players who are constantly on the go and want to bring various deck choices with them.

Plus, The Game Walker backpack is 50% OFF. That’s a $40.00 discount.

MTG Storage Case (MTG Edition) | 2000 Card Capacity

Click Here to Buy: MTG Storage Case – 2000 Card Capacity (MTG edition)

Want more protection? Then get this little vault. Its durable aluminum shell will ensure that your cards will be kept safe.

This carrier is perfect for commander players. It can carry up to 2000 unsleeved cards, or approximately 700 sleeved cards according to their website. That’s 7 commander decks. It also comes with 8 dividers to keep your decks organized.

When we found this deal, this card carrier was 17% off. It was $63.99, but is currently running for $52.99.

Card Storage Case | 2500 Card Capcity

Click Here to Buy: MTG Storage Case – 2500 Card Capacity (Black Box Edition)

Have a larger collection and need more space? Luckily, CardKingPro has designed a larger carrier. This carrier fits 2500 unsleeved cards, which translates to about 900 if sleeved. If you have a massive commander arsenal, then this is the carrier for you.

At the time of writing, this card carrier was $76.99, marked down from its original price of $92.99.

Monster Protectors Hard-Cased Playmat Tube

Click Here to Buy: Monster Protectors Hard-Cased Playmat Tube

Playmats are practically a must-have accessory for all Magic players. They are your way of sporting your favorite MTG art and customizing your MTG experience.

But if you’ve been playing for a long time, you’ll know that playmats can get damaged and dirty. That’s why it’s important to invest in a playmat tube.

The Monster Protector has a hard plastic exterior and double-button snap closure to ensure protection. Plus it can hold up to 2 playmats for when you want to

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