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There Sure Is A Lot Of Treasure In Forgotten Realms MTG

Where there's dungeons there's loot. It makes sense that there are a lot of cool Treasure cards in Forgotten Realms, but we weren't expecting them.
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We’re nearing the end of the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms preview season, and it’s been pretty interesting so far. There are lots of cool new cards for everyone to play around with, and the actual design of the set has us rather hopeful for future crossovers too.

While we did have a wishlist for the set, the things actually included it in are generally far more interesting than just seeing the return of mechanics that would fit. Instead, we’ve got a host of new mechanics and cool bits of flavor dotted throughout. Other than that, one of the biggest returns are cards that deal with Treasure tokens, and the set is kind of full of them.

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Treasure as far as the eye can see

Now, we love Treasure tokens. You can sacrifice them for any color of mana, and that’s a hard thing to ever be angry about. Since there introduction of these tokens back in the Ixalan block, we’ve seen a few cards that make them, but it’s always been here and there.

Well, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is a little more focused on the whole Treasure thing. There have been, at the time of writing this, 23 new cards that feature a mention of Treasure on them. We’ll be going into more detail on some of those in a later article, but we just think it’s an interesting inclusion.

There are some incredibly interesting cards featuring Treasure in the set too. Take Kalain, Reclusive Painter, for example, who is a Black and Red 1/2 that creates a Treasure token upon entering the battlefield, but also reads, “Other creatures you control enter the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on them for each mana from a Treasure spent to cast them.” Not only does that mean you get an extra mana, but that it’s now in your interest to make as many Treasure tokens as possible.

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You’re a treasure now

However, one of our favorites so far is Minimus Containment. Minimus Containment is a three mana Enchantment Aura that allows you to a nonland permanent into a Treasure token, and that card also loses all of its other abilities.

This is just the latest in line of enchanting things to be other things, with the best one probably being Darksteel Mutation, but we like it an awful lot. We’re probably never going to enchant something we own, but every so often you need to get rid of an indestructible threat, and this card does that with aplomb.

Long live Treasure tokens. We’re a little surprised to still be talking about them so long after Ixalan, but it’s a good kind of surprise, not a bad one.

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