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20, May, 24

The Official MTG Modern Horizons 3 Spoiler Season Kicks Off Tomorrow!

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On June 14, 2024, Modern Horizons 3 is set to make its long-awaited release. If the other Modern Horizons sets are any indication, this set is going to have a massive impact on the Modern format. Further, unlike the previous Horizons sets, Modern Horizons 3 will also be coming to MTG Arena. As such, Historic and Timeless may see some crazy metagame shift, too.

Up to this point, we’ve actually seen a lot of leaks and spoilers for the set. While some leaks have already been confirmed, such as Flare of Denial, others have yet to be officially revealed. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be getting a lot more authentic card previews.

Debut Stream

Kicking off the highly anticipated Modern Horizons 3 spoiler season, players can tune into the WeeklyMTG debut stream tomorrow, May 21, at 9 AM PT. The stream will take place on Twitch, though you can also find the video on MTG’s official Youtube channel. The main goal behind the stream is to give us “a first look at the mechanics, artwork, and designs from this new set.” With this in mind, it’s not entirely clear how many new cards will be revealed or how many previously leaked cards will be confirmed as real.

Still, this stream should be extremely descriptive and provide a good sense of what we can expect from upcoming previews. Additionally, it looks like part of the stream will be dedicated to showing off retro frame reprints and Special Guest cards. While we know Solitude has been spoiled as a Special Guest card (and we’ve seen other Evoke Elementals from the same cycle leaked), it’ll be interesting to see what other sweet reprints join the party.

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Main Set and Commander Previews

Beyond the initial debut stream tomorrow, as well as some information from Making Magic, a slew of cards are scheduled to be previewed over the next week and half. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week from May 22-24, there will be 15+ cards previewed each day. A few more will be revealed over the weekend, and a ton more await us on Monday and Tuesday, May 27-28.

On May 28, the first full Commander decklist (Creative Energy, in this case) will be made available by WeeklyMTG. The Tricky Terrain and Eldrazi Incursion decklists will be showcased on May 29, and the Graveyard Overdrive decklist reveal on May 30 will conclude these Modern Horizons 3 previews. You can find a thorough list of the content creators showing off each card in Wizards of the Coast’s Modern Horizons 3 preview article.

One intriguing aspect of spoiler season with this go-around, though, is the sheer number of leaks that we’ve seen ahead of time. This begs the question: how many of the cards that are going to be previewed have we potentially already seen? While it’s impossible to get an exact measurement, especially since some leaks may turn out to have been fake all along, we can get still get a good sense for how many never-before-seen cards will get previewed.

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Leaks, Spoilers, and Previews… Oh My!

Ugin's Labyrinth

In its entirety, the Modern Horizons 3 main set is made up of 303 unique cards. While there are plenty of different versions of some cards thanks to booster fun treatment, it looks like we still have a decent number of individual cards that have yet to be revealed in any capacity. Supposedly, there are just over 40 new-to-Modern reprints in the set, which is a rather large number.

So far, there are roughly 40 different main set cards present in the Modern Horizons 3 card image gallery on Wizards of the Coast’s main page. This would normally imply that we have an enormous number of spoilers on the horizon that we haven’t seen. Thanks to the huge volume of leaks associated with this set, though, this number is reduced a fair bit.

Thanks to a Reddit post made back in April, we can get a pretty good grasp of how many leaks there have been overall. Notably, the poster maintained and updated a compilation of the majority of the leaks we have seen up to this point. Between new cards and reprints featured in the main set, there have been nearly 100 unique leaks that are not included in the card image gallery! There are a large sum of Commander card leaks in a similar situation.

Assuming most of the leaks prove to be real, we should still have close to half the cards in the set that need to be spoiled for the first time. However, there’s a good chance upwards of a third of the upcoming previews will be official reveals of previous leaks.

Regardless, a large portion of the main set, Commander decks, and reprints boasting booster fun treatment will be making its presence known over the next two weeks. Make sure to stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for any sweet new additions.

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