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The Most Chaotic Commander Archetype FINALLY Has It's Frontman

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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms introduced a bunch of really cool mechanics to the game of Magic: the Gathering. Many of them were really cool for commander, but one of the most fun ones got left out of the mix until now! In Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, the most chaotic mechanic of the bunch, Dice Rolling, finally gets it’s frontman so that we can make this a deck!

Wyll, Blade of Frontiers

Wizards of the Coast

The man for the job is Wyll, Blade of Frontiers! Now wait a minute. Don’t we already have a Dice Rolling Matters Legendary creature? Yes! We have Delina, Wild Mage in Red, but Wyll is better for 1 reason: Choose a Background. With the new Background mechanic, we can add a color to our deck’s color identity, allowing us access to more options. We also have Farideh, Devil’s Chosen but Wyll’s effects are simply better.

Let’s talk about Wyll first though. He allows us to roll additional dice anytime we would roll one or more dice, and then we can ignore the lowest result. Then he gets beefed up with a +1/+1 counter whenever we roll dice, which we’re aiming to do a lot!

Now we’re most likely going to have to be playing a blue Background since blue and red were the primary dice colors in AFR. We don’t have all of the backgrounds previewed just yet, but I think there’s one that’s particularly great for us.

Wizards of the Coast

We’re incentivized to attack with Wyll because he’s going to be getting buffed, so Sword Coast Sailor seems perfect for us. This allows us to target the highest life opponent with and send an unblockable Wyll right to their life total.

The Dice is Right

Now there weren’t too many dice cards in AFR, but we’re getting a boatload more in Battle for Baldur’s Gate. We’re probably going to be using most of these cards just to have a critical mass of Dice Rolling spells, but these are must haves.

First off, we want to roll a BUNCH of dice for this deck. So in addition to Wyll’s extra dice, we definitely want to have Barbarian Class. Since we’re rolling a bunch, we also need some pay offs. Feywild Trickster and Brazen Dwarf gives us those pay offs, at least in the early game.

Now this combo isn’t an unknown combo, we want both Delina, Wild Mage and Pixie Guide, in the deck. These two cards can create an instant win / infinite combo. With enough dice and roll stacking, we can create a massive army of Pixie Guides, that are attacking our opponent’s. Considering we’re going to have 3 instances of additional dice between Barbarian Class, Pixie Guide, and Wyll, this increases our odds a ton.

Lastly, this deck is all about RNG and manipulating it to our advantage, so why not try and take advantage of one of the most powerful dice rolling cards, The Deck of Many Things. The effects on this are pretty great, and no matter what it’s a great card to have.

As I mentioned, we’re going to definitely want to play the most, if not all of the dice rolling cards, but these 6 are for sure includes.

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The New Stuff

Now at this point, we only have 2 more dice rolling cards that have been previewed for Battle for Baldur’s Gate, but I expect that we’ll see more. Both of these are amazing, so let’s look at those.

First up, to go along with Wyll, we have Wyll’s Reversal. This is a classic redirect spell, but we also have the potential to copy it as well. The other card that we have is Wand of Wonder, which lets us take our opponent’s instants and sorceries from their library and cast them for free.

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Filling Out the Deck

To fill in the rest of the deck, there’s a few ways to go about it. You can embrace your inner Wild Magic Sorcerer and include all of the coin flip cards for a truly RNG heavy experience. The other route is to go in with a more “Control” strategy. This would involve draw spells, counter spells, removal, and some nice artifacts. You’ll probably have a fair bit of the latter if you go with the RNG heavy version, but you may struggle with consistency since you’re using 2 different RNG mechanics.

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All in all, the deck is poised to be a ton of fun with Wyll at the helm. If you’re going to pick this deck up though, I’d highly recommend that you head to your Local Game Store or Amazon and buy a BUNCH of d20s. You’re going to need them.

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