Arni Brokenbrow
13, Feb, 23

New $900+ MTG 30th Anniversary Product Baffles Fans

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Article at a Glance

In case you’ve missed Wizards of the Coast’s constant celebrations, 2023 is the 30th Anniversary of MTG. Initially launching all the way back in 1993 with Limited Edition Alpha, MTG has certainly changed a lot since then. For instance, throughout the past 30 years, we’ve seen myriad new cards, characters, mechanics, products, and even formats being created. Subsequently, it’s safe to say that Wizards of the Coast has a lot to celebrate after 30 years of hard work. Despite having plenty of reasons to don a party hat, Wizards’ party planning has left much to be desired. The launch of 30th Anniversary Edition, for example, was fraught with controversy, thanks to the product’s immense $999 price tag. For better or worse, Wizards’ 30th-anniversary celebrations haven’t ended there, and the latest product to be released is quite frankly just bizarre!

Lovesac X Magic: the Gathering

In a collaboration that we’re pretty sure no one had on their 2023 bingo card, Lovesac is teaming up with MTG. Upon hearing this, like us, you might be wondering who on earth Lovesac even is, but allow us to explain. As the name barely implies, Lovesac is an American furniture company that specializes in selling high-end bean bags and sofas. Known as Sacs and Sactionals, respectively, Lovesac claims their Sacs are “the world’s most comfortable seat.” We would certainly hope that’d be the case considering a single Sac can cost over $1900.

With that little bit of context out of the way, we’ll remind you once again that MTG is teaming up with this furniture brand in celebration of its 30th anniversary. For the crossover, Lovesac has created a limited-edition cover for their $575 Moviesac that features “Magic’s anniversary logo and a nostalgic collection of card images spanning the last three decades.” This commemorative cover is priced at $400. So, should you require the Moviesac insert along with this limited-edition cover, you’ll be spending $975.00. That’s almost the price of the much-mired 30th Anniversary Edition, which was extensively criticized for its price.

Thankfully, unlike the 30th Anniversary Edition, which only included non-tournament legal reprints, the Locesac X MTG crossover is an actual product. Granted, it’s still an expensive one, however, it’s consistent with the cost of Lovesac’s other products. To further tempt MTG players into purchasing, the Locesac X Magic: the Gathering crossover doesn’t just include fancy furniture. Alongside the Sac cover, each Lovesac X MTG bundle also consists of a Phyrexia: All Will Be One Set Booster Box. Typically priced at around $125 on Amazon, this included Booster Box is a nice touch, albeit likely not what you’re purchasing this crossover for. 

Contentious Crossover

Duress | Secert Lair x Arcane

As you can imagine, reacting to the reveal of this latest MTG crossover, players on Social media were simply baffled. Reddit user u/Calebtheleon94, for instance, stated, “guys, it’s not even April 1st yet,” while posting the announcement to r/magicTCG. Following this, countless other users were quick to highlight the immense cost of this commemorative product. “Oh, cool, I might get o- $1000?!? Absolutely the f*ck not,” u/KatnissBot commented. Similarly, a bemused u/ExtensionHedgehog528 stated, “Am I reading this right – $400 for the cover for these things? Wow, that is quite a lot.” 

Despite the crossover’s price drawing comparisons to the 30th Anniversary Edition, several players highlighted how this collaboration isn’t nearly that bad. Reddit user u/Uries_Frostmourne, for instance, noted how this Locesac is “arguably better than 30th AE since this one actually has an application.” Additionally, several users highlighted that despite the steep cost, Lovesac’s Sacs live up to their reputation. “I don’t think this is too expensive,” u/XmagnumoperaX stated. “If you have ever been to a LoveSac store LORD they are pricey but very comfy.” Following on from this, u/Paintrain36135 noted that, thanks to the addition of a Booster Box, this crossover is actually rather compelling if you’re in the market for a Lovesac. 

“I was shocked to find out this product, with a booster box, is cheaper than the equivalent product that isn’t a promotion.

[It’s a] good day if you wanted one of these already and also like Magic. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted, but that feels a bit pricey for me personally.”


The FAKE Lovesac X Secret Lair

Fake Lovesac X Secret Lair
Fake Lovesac X Secret Lair

Following on from the Lovesac X Magic: the Gathering announcement, many MTG players were fearing the worst of Magic’s future. Unfortunately for concerned players, these fears were quickly made worse by Reddit user u/theneonwind. Posting a Lovesac Secret Lair drop, originally created in jest by Phil Nguyen (@mtgbanding) u/theneonwind whipped the MTG community into a flurry of speculation and fears. Many Reddit users, for instance, were quick to bemoan the very possibility of this corporate crossover. “What’s next, a Walmart Secret Lair? A Starbucks crossover? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, obviously, but this is just dumb lmfao,” u/van9750 commented. Similarly, u/shblj highlighted how, to them, this is far worse than any Universes Beyond crossover card. 

“They put the corporate branding on the card arts…Crossovers w/ things from other series are one thing, but now the Lovesac brand logo is deep mtg lore, and you will be getting product placements in your card games from now on.”


Thankfully, after many hours of this post causing chaos, the moderators of the r/MagicTCG subreddit stepped in. “Sorry folks looks like this is a fake,” moderator u/Kyleometers commented. “The chair is real, though.” While this announcement may have dashed the hopes of players like u/FutureComplaint, it’s probably for the better that this Secret Lair isn’t real. After all, in the few hours where this post was believed to be real, MTG players were seriously unhappy. 

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