11, Jun, 21

The Best Magic: the Gathering Cards to Play in Modern Horizons 2 Limited

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Article at a Glance

Before you head off to participate in Modern Horizons 2 Pre-release this weekend, it’s good to know what cards you should be looking to play in your decks. Here is our top pick cards in each color that you should be playing in your decks this weekend!


Wizards of the Coast

Our white pick is Unbound Potential. This card is a powerful combat trick that can slot into any of the strategies playing white. It will fit in better into the GW +1/+1 counters or RW Modular strategies best, but this can provide a lot of utility for a reasonable cost in any creature focused strategy.


Wizards of the Coast

In blue, we recommend Etherium Spinner. We have seen a bunch of cards in the past that give you a benefit when you play a spell that costs 5 or more, but with this card giving you a token for a spell that costs 4 or more is a huge deal. Generally you’ll probably have between 4-6 4+ mana value spells in your deck, so this card can provide you incredible value. It slots well into nearly all blue strategies so if you’re in blue, look to pick up this very versatile card!


Wizards of the Coast

Removal is generally a high priority in limited, and Bone Shards fits that bill nicely! This is the perfect removal spell for all black strategies in this format, as they generally will want to either discard a card from your hand, or sacrifice a creature for additional value. At 1 mana, being an unconditional creature and planeswalker removal spell is very strong. The only downside to this card is that it’s a sorcery, but the pros far outweigh the cons.


Wizards of the Coast

In a similar vein to Bone Shards, Unholy Heat is our pick for red. At worst it’s a shock that can only hit only creatures and planeswalkers, but as early game removal it does a great job. There’s a good chance as well that you’ll end up hitting delirium naturally as well which powers up this spell quite a bit. The most difficult deck potentially to hit delirium would be RB Madness, but that can be easily remedied by picking up some artifacts along the way as well.


Wizards of the Coast

In green, our pick is going to be Tireless Provisioner. A 3 mana 3/2 body is ok, but where this card shines is in it’s ability. Landfall is a very strong mechanic in Magic: the Gathering and this one is no different. You have the versatility to choose which token you need at the time, whether that’s a food for life, or a treasure for additional mana. This card slots really well across the board in green decks, as you’ll usually want either the token in general, or the treasure to give you more mana.


We have a couple of picks here for Colorless. First off, we have Ornithopter of Paradise, which is just an all around fine mana fixing spell. With it being colorless and at common, you should be able to pick up a couple of these to help a 3rd color splash in your decks. The other pick that we have is Altar of the Goyf. This is a generally strong artifact for creature decks, but the reason it makes our list is that it’s the only Tribal artifact in the set, which can be a benefit if you happen to have delirium spells in your deck.


Wizards of the Coast

It goes without saying that there are a ton of powerful lands in Modern Horizons 2. From the Fetchlands, to Urza’s Saga, to Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth, Wizards of the Coast has hit it out of the park with the lands in this set. If you find one of those in your pack, definitely pick it up. In lieu of this, our recommended land to pick up is Mishra’s Factory. This land is can be an additional body for attacking and blocking, but in the right decks, this land can be a way to protect your +1/+1 counters from Modular. You just need to make sure that it’s a creature. When the Factory turns back into a land, the +1/+1 counters will stay on it, which can make it very difficult for your opponents to deal with.

We won’t cover multicolor in this list, but if you’re wanting to know some key multicolored cards to pick up for your decks this weekend, be sure to check out our Modern Horizons 2 Archetype Draft Guide!

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