27, Aug, 21

The 3 Best Tribal Decks In Historic on MTG Arena

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Article at a Glance

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons has brought a lot of really powerful cards. With the nature of the set being a bit more creature focused than other sets, many tribal synergies got some great support cards. Here’s the 3 Best Tribal decks to come out of Jumpstart: Historic Horizons.

Honorable Mention: Humans

As an honorable mention, We’re going to name Humans. Humans have a few different tribal builds of the deck that they can play, from Mono White, to Mardu or 4 color. We have here a Boros Humans list that’s hyper aggressive. It’s unclear which of the variants are the best at this time, but 2 Human creatures have made the biggest impact on the metagame and that is Esper Sentinel and Dragon’s Rage Channeler.


Merfolk got a lot of love in this set. They got a new lord in Master of the Pearl Trident, and their best creature Svyelun of Sea and Sky. This version of the deck was created by Mason Clark, and he even includes a sideboard guide in his tweet. Having 12 lords gives us a good amount of consistency for beefing up our creatures and Collected Company lets us flood out the board at instant speed.

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The only card that was added to this set that supports vampires is Cordial Vampire, but this is a really strong card. between your aggressive creatures, and removal spells, it’s definitely possible to get him beefed up pretty quickly. Definitely an aggro style deck, but this deck has always been a fan favorite.

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Elves I think is the big winner of the set so far. They got 2 very nice inclusions in Freyalise, Skyshroud Partisan and Skyshroud Lookout. Both of these cards provide a consistent flow of creatures to be able to go very wide. Combine this with Collected Company, and you can build a massive board state quite quickly.

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I’ve been testing out a few of these, and I’m really enjoying them! Hopefully we’ll get Aether Vial in the format and these decks will be even better. Let us know what decks you’ve been playing in the comments!

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