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16, Jan, 22

The 10 Best Magic: The Gathering Band Names

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Article at a Glance

In this fantastic world that we call Magic: the Gathering, there’s tons of super cool cards. But usually, the main focus of the cards is the art, or the effects of the cards. Rarely, does the name of the cards ever really garner any notice, outside of character names for Children. In my opinion, one of the coolest things that names of Magic cards can be used for is Band names. Particularly, Rock / Metal aligned band names, but they’re pretty cool nonetheless.

10. Harness Infinity

Wizards of the Coast

Number 10 is Harness Infinity. This name definitely more feels like it’d be for Prog Metal / Instrumental band.

9. Storm the Festival

Wizards of the Coast

Next up is Storm the Festival. This invokes more hard rock vibes, but I could see this being almost a Ska band as well.

8. The Sky Asunder

Wizards of the Coast

The next name is The Sky Asunder, taken from Arashi, the Sky Asunder. This name feels like it’s the epitome of mid-2000s post hardcore.

7. Shatter the Sky

Wizards of the Coast

Number 7 is Shatter the Sky. I feel like this is an early 2000’s nu-metal or metalcore band that’s all about anger and destruction.

6. Fall of the Impostor

Wizards of the Coast

Number 6 is Fall the Impostor. This is 100% a modern era punk band name, something you’d expect to show up in a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game.

5. Grave Pact

Wizards of the Coast

Number 5 brings us Grave Pact. The dark nature of the name and card lends itself to a really good Doom Metal / Black Metal band easily.

4. Shrieking Affliction

Wizards of the Coast

Next up, Shrieking Affliction definitely gives off a modern day deathcore band name. It has a similar feel to a band like Lorna Shore almost.

3. Raze the Effigy

Wizards of the Coast

Number 3 is Raze the Effigy. The feel of this name to me is definitely for a Djent band with lots of 8 string guitars.

2. Wake to Slaughter

Wizards of the Coast

Number 2 on the list is Wake to Slaughter. This is for sure the most go hard name on the list and fits a Death Metal / Deathcore band to a tee.

1. It That Betrays

Wizards of the Coast

Number 1 on the list, while it might not be the hardest name, it’s the one that got me thinking about this topic in the first place, It That Betrays. I feel like this one is one that’s versatile enough that it could go with any style of metal band pretty easily.

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What cards do you think would make great band names? Are you in a band that’s a card name? Leave it in the comments!

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