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20, Nov, 23

Surprise Secretversary Announcement Reveals $115 Foil MTG Artifact Reprint!

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Since Lara Croft had a rather sudden introduction into the MTG universe, we’ve known that a new Secret Lair Superdrop has been on the horizon.

Even though we didn’t hear much until today, eight new Secret Lairs, not including the Tomb Raider one, have been revealed for the first time! Dubbed the Secretversary 2023 Superdrop, this Secret Lair Superdrop is now up and available for purchase on the Secret Lair website.

If Jurassic World Secret Lairs are more your cup of tea, we took a more detailed look at those here. Dinosaur lovers will be thrilled with one of the Secret Lairs. The other one may not be worth your time.

In this article, you’ll find the most exciting and expensive reprints being offered in the other six Secret Lair sets, including one absolutely incredible reprint that will get Artifact lovers excited!

Absurd Mycosynth Lair

The Mycosynthwave Secret Lair is absolutely oozing with value and is, besides potentially the Tomb Raider crossover, the best Secret Lair of this drop! While only three cards are included in this particular bundle, two of them hit incredibly hard financially.

Mycosynth Golem rose heavily in popularity following The Brothers’ War. This set popularized Artifacts quite heavily in Commander, making Mycosynth Golem a bomb to end all bombs. 11 mana for a 4/5 may seem like a bad deal, but Affinity makes the card a lot cheaper in decks that want it. Granting other artifact creatures Affinity for Artifacts, if an opponent resolves Mycosynth Golem, its likely that a barrage of spells will follow in its footsteps.

This card is almost used exclusively in Commander, but thanks to an incredibly dire supply and a ton of demand, the card currently has a secondary market price of $30 or more! The foil version is even more outrageous, sporting a price of $115! This is an excellent reprint!

If that weren’t enough, Mycosynthwave also has a reprint of the iconic Mycosynth Lattice. Infamous for its lock with Karn, the Great Creator, the Lattice is banned in Modern, but not Commander. The Karn lock is also still very real in the Legacy format, causing it to see continued play there as well.

Mycosynth Lattice has been reprinted a lot more than the Mycosynth Golem, but it still demands a secondary market price of $10 or more depending on the variant. Outside of this Secret Lair only providing three cards, it looks excellent.

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Nexus of Fate

Sadly, the new Tales of the Time Stoppers Secret Lair doesn’t have a ton of valuable cards. The other selections are all rather middling, retailing for between $4 and $1. The artwork, however, is quite intriguing. I like it, at least.

That said, Nexus of Fate is quite the noteworthy reprint. Once upon a time, this card was one of the most desirable cards in the game, and its only printing was as a box topper. This means the card’s supply was heavily outweighed by the demand. Nexus of Fate ended up being problematic mechanically as well, so it is now banned in some MTG formats.

Nexus of Fate is still very legal in Commander, and sees some fringe Modern play. For those reasons, the card still has a secondary market price of about $18, but this is, once again, also partially due to a very small supply. This reprint may end up affecting the price in a big way as a result.

This is, interestingly, also the first time that players can get a nonfoil Nexus of Fate.

$10 Commander Cards for Christmas

Homeward Path from the Gift Wrapped Secret Lair had a much steeper secondary market price before it saw a reprint in Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. Before its recent reprint, Homeward Path was only printed in supplemental Commander sets, and that’s where it primarily sees play.

CEDH, in particular, likes to use this card thanks to the presence of some threats like Gilded Drake. Since the Path is ultimately a utility land, there is also little deckbuilding cost to running the card.

As a result, Homeward Path still holds around a $10 secondary market price, but the LOTR version of the card does have a cheaper price tag.

Otherwise, Giver of Runes, which sees a lot of play across formats, is another $10 reprint found in the Gift Wrapped Secret Lair. Regardless, the rest of the Secret Lair is full of cards that don’t boast a huge secondary market price.

Moment’s Peace is getting its first reprint since Odyssey, but the card itself is not too powerful. Regardless, if you want a foil one for some reason, this Secret Lair is a better deal than purchasing a $20 one outright. The nonfoil variant does not have notable value.

Overall, the Gift Wrapped Secret Lair looks fine, but the nonfoil version is not quite worth it financially. The foil version, while technically worthwhile, may have its price inflated thanks to Moment’s Peace.

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The Other Secret Lairs Are a Miss Financially

Sadly, we did not mention the Ixalan feature or the Through the Wormhole Secret Lair here, and that’s because they don’t look too enticing financially. That said, Through the Wormhole does come loaded up with a ton of Commander staples. Despite their value, you could pick this up to spice up a Commander deck with a ton of new artwork.

A quick reminder that the Tomb Raider Secret Lair is fantastic, as well. Including Shadowspear, a mechanically unique Lara Croft card and Academy Ruins, this Secret Lair pays itself back in secondary market value while giving you a scarce mechanically unique card.

I am particularly excited about the Mycosynth Golem reprint. This card’s secondary market price was $50 at its height, making it particularly difficult to access. Hopefully, this Secret Lair printing gives players who want the cards a chance to grab them for a decent price.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more detailed analysis of the financial value of the Secretversary 2023 Superdrop, we’ll have that here in the coming days.

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