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Subtleties of playing Escape from Tarkov that may be useful for beginners

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Article at a Glance

Tarkov is one of the most popular projects in the royal battle genre and a military simulator rolled into one.

If you like shooters with a high degree of realism, you have completed ARMA, Flashpoint, and ideally play in the company of friends, although this is not a prerequisite, then you will definitely like Escape from Tarkov.

According to the plot, a conflict broke out between the United States and Russia on the territory of Tarkov, and in order to localize it and not transform it into a full-fledged clash, private military companies BEAR and Terra are used in battles.

At the very beginning, you need to choose your side of the conflict. Your choice will not have a cardinal role and will affect more visualization and voice notifications over the radio during combat and negotiations.

A number of differences will also affect the local currency, which is used to interact with local NPCs, purchases and sales, and pay for insurance on your property in order to avoid its complete loss in the event of death.

Basic moments

When you start playing, you will quickly realize that all the basic equipment does not cover even half of your tasks and only gives you an advantage at the level of battles with bandits, but good tarkov power leveling will begin with the fact that you start going out on combat missions to get good equipment and weapons.

You will not have any auxiliary interface and mini-map, which many are accustomed to in modern games. Instead, you need to rely on clear guidelines in order to accurately know and understand all the key places for obtaining resources and equipment and the entrances and exits to raids for loot.

You need to beware of representatives of other PMCs, since you are permanent enemies without the possibility of other interaction.

You need to look for your equipment – weapons and ammunition, grenades and medicine, a helmet and body armor, but most importantly, accessories for weapons.

Sights of varying degrees of zoom play a special role in such shooters, where any gain and timely assessment of the situation and detection of the enemy plays a key role in the survival of the group and each individual soldier.

If you die during a combat exit, you will lose all the equipment that you had at the time of the battle. This does not take into account all insured property and everything that you left in the warehouse in advance.

It is precisely because of such mechanics and constant danger that you need not be greedy and accumulate resources while it looks safe and leave the zone in a timely manner so as not to lose everything accumulated and so that your Tarkov boosting does not go to waste.

Secrets of hunting

You can use one trick, or rather the mechanics of the game, with which you will get Tarkov leveling and the opportunity to collect weapons, ammunition and other useful equipment without the risk of losing everything previously obtained in battles and forays.

The whole point is to hire a character called wild – this is a bandit with a neutral faction with local gangs and who has no enmity with representatives of both PMCs.

By the way, if you are killed by representatives of private military campaigns, they will receive a decrease in the loyalty of the merchant faction, which provides the service of hiring wild characters.

But if you kill a PMC representative, then on the contrary, you will receive an increase in the level of trust from the faction of the same name.

The downside of wild characters is poor, if not terrible, starting equipment – rusty ammo and bad weapons. If you decide to engage in a shootout with someone, then think about it three times – there may be no chance of survival. But this is not surprising – characters are more used to accumulate resources in a safe way, rather than setting traps for PMCs who cannot even answer you without personal losses.

However, if you regularly complete tasks and increase the level of loyalty with the merchant faction, they will give you a wild character for a longer period, which will significantly extend your boosting Escape from Tarkov and give you better weapons to start with.

According to the mechanics, everything is simple – you need to enter the combat territory, collect everything that you can carry and is valuable and go to peaceful territory, where the loot can be equipped on the hero, or sold.

By the way, not everything that may seem useless is so. For example, interior parts – the nurse buys them, and this is a fairly simple way to increase the level of trust with this faction.

Also, always check all hiding places and objects – quickly so as not to get shot, but carefully so as not to miss the access cards to the laboratory.

This is a rare ticket that will allow you to enter an area with huge loot reserves and take everything you can carry from there, but such cards are incredibly rare.

You can also always call for a paid evacuation – this is a service in which you can be quickly picked up from a dangerous territory, but you need to arrive at the point and stay there until you are loaded into a vehicle – only then will you be delivered to a peaceful city.

Look for sights

Contrary to the opinion that weapons play the most important role, only half is right. Sometimes it is the scope that plays a more important role when installed on an old weapon like a rifle.

There are collimator sights that project a dot and help the player determine the distance to the target. They are more effective for assault operations indoors, at short and medium distances.

You need full-fledged optical sights of varying degrees of zoom. Ideally, two – one for detection and shooting at medium distances and the second for full-fledged sniper operations.

Useful accessories

In Tarkov it is not enough to find an AK or SCAR; you also need equipment that will make it a truly dangerous and convenient weapon.

You need a flash suppressor – this is an additional device that is installed on the muzzle and extinguishes the moment the bullet takes off, and thus enemies may not immediately understand where they are being fired from. It is often confused with a silencer, although it is the flame arrester that plays a more important role in the leveling Escape from Tarkov, because they will hear you even with a silencer, but whether they will find you out before their death depends on you and the weapon.

Look for extended magazines and stabilization knobs – the more accurately you shoot, the faster you can eliminate your targets.

As for the magazine, the more ammo you have without the need to reload, the longer you can shoot back at enemies and not lose the initiative.

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