28, Dec, 21

StarCityGames Announces New Plans for SCGCon 2022

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Article at a Glance

StarCityGames is one of the largest 3rd party organizers for Competitive Play for Magic: the Gathering. They’ve held Open and Invitational events for many years, and recently, they’ve taken on holding their own convention in Roanoke, VA, the company’s main place of operation. In an announcement today, StarCityGames looks to expand that even even further.

With the new year approaching, StarCity is bringing SCGCon to more cities across the United States. The cities that SCG picked are ones that have traditionally been popular SCG Tour stops in the past. Let’s take a look at the first 3 stop that have been announced for the year!

Feb 11 – 13: SCGCon Philadelphia

  • Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Prerelease (Friday – Sunday)
  • Modern 10K (Saturday)
  • Legacy 10K (Sunday)
  • Flesh and Blood (Main Event TBA)

March 18 – 20: SCGCon Indianapolis

  • MTG Team Constructed 25K (Saturday/Sunday)
  • MTG Format TBA 5K #1 (Sunday)
  • MTG Format TBA 5K #2  (Sunday)
  • Flesh and Blood Main Event TBA

April 8 – 10: SCGCon Dallas

  • MTG Modern 30K (Saturday/Sunday)
  • MTG Modern 10K (Sunday)
  • Flesh and Blood Main Event TBA

As we can see, the events will include both Magic and Flesh and Blood, which is great to see. Additionally, these events are in a sense replacing the SCG Tour for the time being, as that’s on a hiatus. These events are entirely self contained and are not apart of the official Magic Organized Play Program.

One other great thing that we see is that SCG has a comprehensive health policy in place for these events. With the state of the world the way that it is, ensuring the safety of the participants and the staff is a good thing to see. More events will be detailed as the year goes on, but this is an exciting announcement for competitive paper Magic.

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