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Serialized MTG Cards Confirmed for Ravnica Remastered!

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The world of Magic is resuming its usual pace next week. A huge ban announcement touches down next week followed by the first look at Murders at Karlov Manor. If that weren’t enough, we also have a new Alchemy set, Khans of Tarkir on MTG Arena, and Ravnica Remastered spoilers trickling out over December.

For players looking forward to the Ravnica Remastered release, you’re going to need to wait another week. That said, the Weekly MTG on December 12th is confirmed to be all about Ravnica Remastered.

While this upcoming event isn’t too far away, Wizards of the Coast has released a little teaser to tide players over. The incredibly expensive Double Rainbow Serialized treatments will be returning with Ravnica Remastered!

Ravnica Remastered Serialized Cards

Spoiled on Magic Twitter were three digital mockups confirming that serialized MTG cards are coming to Ravnica Remastered. We don’t know too much about this yet, aside from the small amount of text offered in this picture.

For starters, Serialized Ravnica Remastered cards are only available in Collector Booster packs. This has consistently been the case wherever serialized cards have shown up. Alongside this, the Serialized Ravnica Remastered cards can be found within Collector Boosters of any language. Despite this, however, the Seiralized cards will only ever be found in English, no matter what language pack you open.

Otherwise, it appears that the retro border frame cards being released in Ravnica Remastered are the ones that will have the serialized printings. This image does confirm that this means MTG players will have access to serialized Shock Lands. Considering how wildly popular Shock Lands are in Commander, Pioneer, and Modern, these could have some serious demand.

If Serialized Shock Lands weren’t enough, some powerful Commanders should also get their first serialized printing. Niv-Mizzet, Parun is quite powerful with a wheel theme, particularly due to the number of two-card death combos he has available to him. Krenko, Mob Boss is a popular Goblin Commander that may also get a serialized reprint.

Finally, other generic goodies like Birds of Paradise could be rather interesting.

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

For a while, especially when serialized MTG cards were first introduced in The Brothers’ War, these cards were a big deal. Magic had never had serialized cards before, and super-fans were seriously interested in owning a limited print run card. Heck, I still don’t own one of these and am interested in owning one (but I don’t want to pay a lot of money for it). Heck, serialized cards even gave birth to a card that even eclipses the iconic Black Lotus in its secondary market value.

Despite their fantastic initial draw, as more serialized cards have been printed, they’re starting to feel a lot less special.

Unfortunately, serialized cards have not exactly aged well in regards to other collectible card games. Looking at Baseball or Hockey cards, for example, will reveal that serialization itself no longer has a major financial appeal. This may become the case in MTG too as more serialized cards are printed. As time passes, it’s only natural that the treatment may become less and less valued.

As pointed out by Twitter user ToaMichael, while we don’t know quite how many cards are getting serialized printings. For better or worse, it’s likely to be quite a few. The sheer number of serialized cards being inserted into Ravnica Remastered, depending on the intended pull rate, could indicate that a ton of product is being printed for this set – more than LGS’ are willing to order.

Cheaper Shock Lands?

As mentioned earlier, lots of player speculation suggests that the Shock Lands, in particular, may have a market, but in more than one way. While many suspect that there will be serious interest in the serialized Shock Lands, some speculate that the existence of serialized Shock Lands could make the foil reprints of these cards a bit more affordable:

“wait this means the regular foil shocks are gonna be dirt cheap”


There are three different printings of the Shock Lands in Ravnica Remastered, so there’s a good chance that these will be in heavy circulation for some time. If you’re looking at filling out your playsets of Shock Lands for older formats, Ravnica Remastered may be a better opportunity to pick up Singles rather than buying sealed products.

All that said, there’s a lot we still don’t know about Ravnica Remastered. The spoiling of serialized cards in the set, after all, was meant to tide us over until the Weekly MTG that occurs on December 12th. Until then, we have a ton of other announcements to look forward to, as well. Let’s see what else Ravnica Remastered has to offer.

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