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11, Jan, 23

Return of Fan-Favorite MTG EDH Accessory Announced For Newest Set!

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While Wizards of the Coast experienced some issues with this week’s recurring stream, but one piece of new information quickly got the attention of the MTG community. A recent promotion was revealed with the upcoming Phyrexia: All Will Be One set, which features a Commander accessory adored by the community since its introduction. Get ready for the new Phyrexia: All Will Be One Click-Wheel Life Counter!

Phyrexia: All Will Be One Click-Wheel Life Counter

Any Commander players who have been around for a few years should recognize the design of this new MTG accessory being released alongside Phyrexia: All Will be One. Initially introduced in the Commander Anthology product, these life counters are incredibly sturdy and can track life totals anywhere between zero and 99. Unlike dice, particularly the commonly-used spin-down die acquired from most MTG bundles, knocking over one of these counters should not put life totals in disarray in the middle of a game.

For reference, the original version of these life counters is so sought after that you can sell them on the secondary market for a surprising amount. The life counter pictured above from the Commander Anthology products sells for about $25 each, according to TCGplayer. This is incredibly shocking for a life counter offered as an extra item inside a product.

While the Commander Anthology product is definitely worth the bang for your buck, they are pretty expensive, generally going for more than $400.

Phyrexia: All Will Be One Promotion

If you’re interested in acquiring this accessory, it’s a part of the most recently announced promotion from Wizards of the Coast. The Compleat bundle is a new product being released alongside Phyrexia: All Will Be One. However, the product will be slightly delayed until about a month after the set’s official release. This already has the attention of many MTG fans after Wizards of the Coast revealed their eye-catching Oil Slick Raised Foils.

According to this recently released article, the Phyrexia Click-Wheel is accessible at select stores in one of two ways:

“Here’s how the promotion will work: customers must purchase the Phyrexia: All Will Be One Bundle: Compleat Edition at your store to receive one Phyrexian Click-wheel. Alternatively, customers may spend $75 USD (or the equivalent amount in local currency) on sealed Magic: The Gathering product to receive one.”

While the Compleat edition may be the most efficient way to get your hands on the new Life Counter, spending $75 at any WPN store, while supplies last, should get you one of these. Basically, you’ll get $100 in value for the $75 you spend (taking their previous iteration’s current price on TCGplayer).

Player Opinion

For many Redditors, this new Click-Wheel Life Counter renewed their interest in the Compleat Bundle since that was a significant part of the promotion. As for the Life Counter themselves, players are incredibly excited for these to come back to MTG:

“These have needed a “reprint” for ages, I see them all the time, really handy!” – steb2k

“This is sweet! Not sure what wizards history wit clicker life counters is but hopefully this means this’ll be the norm goin forward!” – Swiftswim22

“I still use my set of 4 from Anthology 2. They’re the go-to when playing EDH.

Ironically they’re the fifth most expensive thing from Anthology 2 nowadays at $23 a pop on TCGPlayer. The only cards more expensive than the dice are Atraxa, Urza’s Incubator, Ruby Medallion and Grave pact.” – Snow_source

If anything is made clear by the abundant amount of excitement about bringing back these Life Counters, it’s that Wizards of the Coast made a fantastic product the first time around. Commander players who have had issues locating one of these seem incredibly excited at the opportunity to finally own one, especially with the new Phyrexian finish. If these are a resounding success the second time around, it may be a possibility that we will see these return repetitively in the future.

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