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Remaining Doctor Who Previews to Be Revealed This Week!

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The Doctor Who MTG crossover releases on October 13, which is coming up on us very quickly. We have received some major spoilers up to this point, but there are still a large number of cards that have yet to be previewed. Luckily, there will be a lot more previews coming up this week!

Starting on October 3 at 9 a.m. PT, there will be an initial set of previews showcased during the Magic the Gathering Doctor Who debut show, which will be available on Youtube as well as on Twitch. Each day, from October 3-October 6, one of the four Doctor Who Commander decks will be featured. A handful of specific previews will become available to the public earlier on in the day, while the remaining cards in each deck will be revealed roughly around 2 p.m. PT each day. Today, we will be going over each Commander deck and where you can find the previews to them. Let’s start with the Timey-Wimey Commander deck.


The Tenth Doctor

First up, we have the Timey-Wimey Commander deck. This deck features The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler as Commanders. This deck utilizes two Commanders thanks to the Doctor’s Companion mechanic associated with Rose Tyler. As the Timey-Wimey mechanic suggests, this Jeskai deck is centered around time counters. Time counters can affect cards with Suspend as well as permanents with Vanishing.

There are some new cards that have already been previewed for this deck, such as Four Knocks, that work quite nicely with The Tenth Doctor’s Timey-Wimey ability. In the case of Four Knocks, you can choose to add time counters in order to keep the card-drawing Enchantment around. In the case of Suspended cards, you can remove time counters to help cast them ahead of schedule.

Notably, the Ninth and the Eleventh Doctors have not been previewed yet, though we know from the product box that this Commander deck in particular will feature them. These Doctors, as well as a handful of other previews can be found in the following places starting October 3:

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Paradox Power

The Thirteenth Doctor

The Paradox Power Commander deck showcases The Thirteenth Doctor alongside Yasmin Khan as Commanders. It uses the Temur color combination, and as the Thirteenth Doctor’s Paradox ability implies, this deck is all about casting cards from places other than your hand. While this certainly works with Suspend cards, showcasing some overlap between the Doctor Who Commander decks, there’s a large focus on mechanics such as Cascade as well.

This Commander deck will also feature The Twelfth Doctor, which has yet to be previewed. Some cards, such as TARDIS, have been spoiled already. For additional upcoming previews beginning October 4, you can check out the following places:

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Masters of Evil

Davros, Dalek Creator

Unlike the other three Doctor Who Commander decks, none of the major Doctors are featured. Instead, this deck highlights the villains of Doctor Who. As such, this Grixis-based Commander deck only features one Commander, as the Doctor’s Companion mechanic does not apply. The Masters of Evil Commander deck shows off mechanics that are meant to punish multiple players at a time. This includes the new Villainous Choice mechanic, which presents your opponents with options that are generally either beneficial for you or negatively affect your opponents.

For example, at the beginning of your end step, the Commander Davros forces each opponent that lost three or more life to either discard a card or let you draw a card. Some of the other cards already spoiled also interact with Villainous Choice, such as The Valeyard, which forces opponents to face Villainous Choices an extra time. For upcoming preview cards starting October 5, take a look at the places below:

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Blast from the Past

The Fourth Doctor

Last but not least, we will be getting previews for the Bant Blast from the Past Commander deck. This deck utilizes The Fourth Doctor as well as Sarah Jane Smith as the Commanders. Both of these Commanders provide benefits for casting Historic spells, which is what this deck is all about. Not only is this deck presumably filled with Historic spells, but there are already cards spoiled that interact favorably with the Food or Clue tokens that the Commanders produce.

Take a look at City of Death, for example. While Chapter I makes a Treasure token, Chapters II-VI all produce copies of tokens you control. Of course, you can copy your Treasure token from Chapter I, but getting to copy Clues to draw more cards can be quite appealing as well, especially if your Treasure token gets removed.

It’s likely that this deck will feature more ways to benefit from the immense token production these Commanders are capable of. It appears that these previews will be available all in one place starting October 6, so make sure to check them out at the place below:

These Doctor Who Commander decks will be out before you know it, so make sure to get a sneak peek at the cards this week.

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