9, Jun, 21

Post Malone Plays Magic: the Gathering on the Newest Game Knights Episode

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Article at a Glance

Last week, The Command Zone YouTube channel released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Game Knights Episode, featuring Musician and Producer, Post Malone! We know that he’s a big collector, but now he’s come to show his skills against Game Knights Hosts, Josh Lee Kawi, Jimmy Wong, and Ashlen Rose. Well now the time has come and the episode has just dropped! One cool thing to note right off the bat, is that Posty produced the introduction theme for the episode. Another awesome factor of the episode is that they are playing with Modern Horizons 2 cards!

Command Zone – YouTube

What’s Posty Playing?

Wizards of the Coast

The deck that Posty brings to the table is Merieke Ri Berit, and he built the deck to really abuse her activated ability of stealing his opponent’s creatures. He’s incorporating a bunch of untap effects like Freed from the Real, and Magwright’s Stone, and a bunch of stealing effects like Corrupted Conscience and Thief of Sanity.

He’s going up against Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar, being played by Jimmy Wong, Xantcha, Sleeper Agent, played by Ashlen Rose, and Garth One-Eye, piloted by Josh Lee Kwai.

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Posty Came to Play!

Wizards of the Coast

The game gets off quick, with Josh playing an Esper Sentinel and Posty follows that up with a Rhystic Study really taxing the table! Posty definitely came ready to throw down, using his commander to steal Garth, One-Eye from Josh, then sequenced an awesome play using Staff of Domination to untap Garth, gave it haste with Lightning Greaves, copied Josh’s Black Lotus with a Phyrexian Metamorph, and used Garth to make a copy of Regrowth, which allowed him to get back his Rise of the Dark Realms that was discarded in the last turn.

Jimmy puts him self into a game winning position looping Dockside Extortionist and other creatures to gain a bunch of mana and board presence, but Posty comes in to save the day by slamming Sun Quan, Lord of Wu, giving his whole board Horsemanship, and killing Jimmy on the spot. One down, 2 to go. Posty closes out the game with the Rise of the Dark Realms he got back earlier, sequencing a play to make 10 8/8 tokens with Haste, Vigilance, Trample, First Strike and Horsemanship and knocks out both Ashlen and Josh in one massive attack! GGs! You can check out Posty’s full list below!


That was an incredible game! Definitely give the full episode a watch as it was incredibly entertaining! Also there’s a promotion in Magic Arena where if you enter Code “GAMEKNIGHTS” on Magic Arena before June 28th, to get a bunch of free cards! If you had to pick a celebrity to play Magic: the Gathering with, who would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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