17, Jun, 21

Post Malone and Game Knights Talk Magic On the Newest Roundtable Episode

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Article at a Glance

The Command Zone released a new episode of Roundtable, which is their podcast style episodes where they talk about the previous Game Knights Episode. This week, Post Malone joins the crew to talk about the Game Knights episode he was in, and Magic in general.

The Command Zone YouTube Channel

The episode kicks off talking about how the episode came to be, the story of how Posty messaged the Command Zone team and their reaction, and how Posty had done a bunch of music for the show as a whole. They also covered Posty’s history with Magic: the Gathering and talked about the news about him spending a bunch of money buying Dual Lands and Jimmy and Josh got to share their perspectives on that day as well. They then dive into the episode, talking through a bunch of comments and tweets that they had collect about the episode. If you haven’t seen the Game Knights episode, definitely check it out, it was a really great game!

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