5, Jan, 23

Pokémon TCG Online Codes July 2022- Free Packs, Decks & More!

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Article at a Glance

Now, we might be all about Magic: The Gathering on MTG Rocks but that doesn’t mean we don’t dabble in other Trading Card Games too! One of those other TCGs that we have an interest in is – of course – Pokémon!

The Pokémon Online TCG is going through and complete boom period at the moment, arguable the biggest and most lasting it’s ever experienced. With that came a larger focus on the online game.

Here’s we’ll take you through any codes that might be available for the game to get some cool free cards, packs, decks and other stuff!

All Working Pokémon TCG Codes – July 2022

Unfortunately, there are no current live codes for the Pokémon TCG. It’s very rare that codes actually go live and offer free stuff to the entire community. Fear not! We have a few sources to help you get your hands on some codes for the Pokémon TCG regardless!

You can head to the Pokémon TGC Code Reddit page where players give up their spare codes for free if you’re quick enough!

You can also purchase codes on a secondary market like eBay for very cheap. Just make sure the seller has a good rating before committing to a purchase!

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How to redeem a code in the Pokémon TCG Online

Redeeming a code in the Pokémon Online TCG is thankfully, very simple. You can head to the store from the games’ home page. Once in the store, you’ll see the Redeem Codes option in the top right-hand corner.

Select this and you’ll be taken to the code redemption screen. Here, you can redeem your Pokémon Online codes by typing them in or using the QR code you have. Multiple codes can be redeemed at once for ease of use. Be sure to read any terms and conditions on the code cards you have as there may be limits to how many you can redeem of one code type.

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