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7, Jul, 24

Players Voice Frustration as Major MTG Event Gets Cancelled

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A couple of weeks ago, Wizards of the Coast released a ban announcement that sparked a lot of discussion and controversy. The decision was ultimately made to ban nothing in any major format, which had a lot of players up in arms.

While it made sense to not ban anything preemptively in Modern given the Pro Tour was on the horizon, there was certainly an argument to take action elsewhere. The card that players largely wanted to ban the most was Grief in Legacy. Grief has not only been a dominant force in Reanimator strategies for a while now, but the play patterns it promotes are quite unfun to a lot of people.

The frustration within the player base was evident following the announcement. Some players even stated that they would be stepping away from the format for the time being. As if this boycott from players wasn’t bad enough, it now seems even tournament organizers have had enough of Grief.

Now that an upcoming Legacy tournament has been canceled, it seems there’s little denying the fact Legacy is struggling without needed bans.

Legacy $5k Gets Canceled


Earlier this week, Owl Central Games, a major store in Pennsylvania that runs a bunch of special events, decided it was best to remove the Legacy $5k scheduled for July 20. In the update they provided, they mentioned a couple of factors that helped them come to the conclusion that canceling the event was in their best interest.

First and foremost, they mentioned the current state of the format overall. After talking with many Legacy fanatics, they felt that the event would most likely not live up to expectations. This is in regard to both the quality and attendance of the event. Notably, this is in comparison to previous events run in a similar manner, which have clearly been successful.

This sentiment comes from the fact that it seems a lot of Legacy players don’t actually want to play Legacy right now. Hopefully, this will change after the next ban announcement in August, but that’s still a ways away. With this wait in mind, there was some discussion about rescheduling this Legacy $5K, or banning Grief store-wide for the duration of the event. As enticing as these solutions may have seemed, neither seemed sensible given the existing tournaments in August and potential confusion from a store-ban.

The other area of concern for the store was the number of alternative Legacy events going on in the region. With attendance likely to be lower across the board, this store felt like it would be tough to compete and still draw a huge crowd. At the end of the day, it’s sad to see a big event like this canceled, but it makes sense why the choice was made.

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Player Frustration Ensues


Unsurprisingly, players even from outside the Owl Central Games sphere voiced their annoyance with Grief still being legal. There seems to be a unanimous feeling that not banning Grief was a bad idea. Since the announcement, more players have come forward saying that they’re not attending any Legacy events until things are hopefully fixed in August.

That being said, as much as players are annoyed that Grief isn’t banned, they are perhaps angrier with the logic behind keeping Grief legal. Soon after the ban announcement, members of the Play Design Team at Wizards explained why no bans were made. When it comes to Legacy, it was stated that there being no major tournaments coming up played a big part in their decision. The hope was that players would further experiment with MH3 and the metagame would adjust.

Instead, Dimir Reanimator still runs rampant on the format. The printing of Psychic Frog only made the deck better. Now, players are presumably forced to wait until August for anything to change. Players already felt like the statement regarding “no major tournaments” occurring was disrespectful. After all, there were still decently large tournaments being scheduled in July.

Now, many players are using the Owl Central Games tournament cancellation to further show how the statement above is in poor taste. There are plenty of other important upcoming Legacy events, too. Players are making it crystal clear that these actions have consequences, and unfortunately, played a part in one tournament already going away.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Nadu, Winged Wisdom

While it’s too late to go back in time and make changes, there may still be time to make things better. The problem right now is that waiting until the end of August to ban Grief is far from ideal. This may have been the original plan, but after hearing player complaints, could there be room for a ban announcement earlier on?

This may not be a foregone conclusion. There’s a strong argument that Nadu, Winged Wisdom in Modern should receive an emergency ban. Its dominance at Pro Tour MH3 was rather absurd, and the deck doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

With this in mind, some players are calling for an early ban for both Nadu and Grief. Tournaments are being negatively affected and will continue to be until action is taken. Considering that both bans feel inevitable, this reasoning makes a lot of sense.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what course of action is taken between now and August. Hopefully, this situation serves as a lesson moving forward.

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