10, Jun, 22

Play This Underrated EDH GEM to Shut Your Opponent's Artifacts Down

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Article at a Glance

Here’s a cool card that has done a lot of good for me in games of Commander. It’s incredibly cheap on the secondary market right now, and I think it’s because nobody knows about it. I’m talking about MTG Energy Flux

Energy Flux

energy flux

MTG Energy Flux has a lot of old printings. Chances are that if you’ve played MTG for a long time, you know what this card is. Basically, Energy Flux is a three-mana enchantment for two generic and one blue mana that makes each player pay two for their artifacts at the beginning of their turn. Otherwise, the artifacts are sacrificed.

mana crypt

I’ve had a lot of success foiling unfair EDH strategies using this card. Cards like Mana Crypt, Sol Ring, Mana Vault and other mana rocks get completely hosed. They get to keep their artifacts since some can tap to pay for themselves, but the advantage they get from them is gone, which is the point.

Energy Flux can get brutal if you’re playing against an artifact deck. Suddenly an opponent’s entire board can cost two or get annihilated. If you have a player in your pod with a nasty artifact deck, Energy Flux is an excellent way to hate them out.

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mycosynth lattice
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Speaking about turning everything into an artifact, if you want to make your playgroup hold some choice words for you, try Mycosynth Lattice. This card is brutal with many different cards, and Energy Flux is no different. Mycosynth Lattice and Energy Flux will force your opponents to pay two for every single card that they own on upkeep. They will generally lose a ton of cards as a result and will more than likely not be able to do anything on their turn. Just make sure you have an out to this, since you will also have to pay two for everything.

Breaking Parity

sol ring

MTG Energy Flux holds everyone to the same standards. To make this card work for you, ensure you aren’t playing very mana artifacts. Sol Ring is still acceptable since it will still be its broken self in most situations. If you do play Energy Flux while having it, it sticks around until Energy Flux is gone. You’re holding everyone to the same standards, so it doesn’t matter much.

Don’t play other artifacts in a deck that is playing Energy Flux, though. The advantage gained from Energy Flux at that point is too minimal to run it. I tend to run this in landfall or Enchantment-heavy decks. Those types of decks don’t need a lot of artifacts to function, allowing Energy Flux to shine. Consider trying it at your table and seeing what you think!

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