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Play This Baldur's Gate Card If You Want to Watch the World Burn

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Do you ever just want a Commander game to end? Maybe it’s drawn on too long, or maybe you’re in a pod with that one player playing Blood Moon, Back to Basics, and Winter Orb, and things are, well…miserable. In those situations, you may just want to burn things to the ground with Descent into Avernus.

Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus | MTG Goldfish

This card turns up the heat. With every turn, Descent into Avernus deals more damage to each player, and each player makes more Treasure tokens.

This is a really tricky card to play in Commander. But it goes into a few established archetypes. And it’ll definitely be fun watching how your opponents react to this chaotic card.

Best Commanders For Descent into Avernus

You can play Descent into Avernus in any red deck if you just love chaos. But it really excels in two Commander archetypes, Burn and Group Slug.


In multiformat formats like Commander, Burn strategies adapt a slightly different approach. Burn spells like Lightning Bolt just isn’t very impactful when you have three opponents starting at 40 life each.

So, if you want to chip away your opponents’ life totals in Commander, you need Burn spells that hit all of your opponents, like Descent into Avernus does.

There are a variety of Burn Commanders you can play. But just make sure you have the necessary burn spells to kill your opponents before Descent into Avernus takes you down with it.

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Group Slug

But Descent into Avernus fits another archetype, similar to burn, called Group Slug. Group Slug aims to kill everyone at the table simultaneously, including yourself! The trick is, that you need to deal slightly more damage to your opponents than you do to yourself.

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