Pioneer Masters Paused
2, Jul, 21

Pioneer Masters Development Is Confirmed Paused For Magic Arena

Article at a Glance

Wizards of the Coast just released their “State of the Game” article for Magic Arena today. In it, we get a taste of the full scope of mechanics in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. They also detailed some future plans for Magic Arena. The biggest news from this was the confirmation that Pioneer Masters development has been paused.

The Historic format has grown over the past couple of years, but the Wizards development team doesn’t feel that they can keep growing the format and work on Pioneer Masters at the same time. They do mention that they will be continuing to take steps to work back towards Pioneer to help grow Historic, most likely in the form of Remastered Sets.

We will not see Pioneer Masters release within the next year, but we can anticipate Remastered sets to come out hopefully soon. We can also expect to see more Historic Anthology releases and hopefully more supplemental releases added to the Historic Format, but for the moment, the Pioneer dream slips further away into the distance.

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