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17, May, 24

Official MTG Spoiler Reveals New Colorless Doubling Effect!

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Even though the Modern Horizons 3 spoiler season begins next week, the entire set feels like its already been revealed. Between a devastating series of leaks, and spoilers that somewhat confirmed the authenticity of some leaks, players appear to know most of the set before the official reveal has even started.

While most of what players have seen has been leaked unofficially, Wizards of the Coast is trickling out some very real and official spoilers. Reposting pivotal stories relating to the lore of the Eldrazi, even though these aren’t new, hidden inside is some new content. You can occasionally find some Eldrazi-related spoilers for cards appearing in Modern Horizons 3! Devourer of Destiny, for example, offers an interesting beginning of game effect, while enabling the new Sol Land coming in Modern Horizons 3!

New spoilers have surfaced on the internet today, revealing a rather interesting Kindred enchantment for colorless fanatics! This card was leaked in the past, but the new colorless Doubling Season has been confirmed!

Echoes of Eternity

Echoes of Eternity looks eerily similar to Doubling Season, but doesn’t really do exactly the same thing. Both of these enchantments have high mana values, and do nothing on their own, which generally means that they are meant for Commander. Spending this much mana to get nothing accomplished in constructed is a difficult sell.

The tempo loss with these types of cards can be made up quickly. While Echoes of Eternity doesn’t provide any value itself, it does provide a ton of value combined with other colorless cards. Doubling triggered abilities from colorless permanents, as well as copying colorless spells being cast, Echoes of Eternity can easily pull its weight after a few colorless spells are cast.

The colorless casting cost present on Echoes isn’t really a big deal. Unless your deck has an overwhelming colorless theme, Echoes of Eternity is unlikely to interest you. For the most part, when dealing with colorless spells, you’ll have a lot of room to run utility lands since you do not need to fix for colors. This makes paying for Echoes of Eternity pretty easy.

Is This the Next Doubling Season?

Absolutely not. Echoes of Eternity is way too restrictive in its uses. While this card is a massive boon for colorless Commander decks everywhere, its unlikely to see play anywhere else. Echoes of Eternity only working for colorless permanents and spells seriously restricts the flexibility of the card, preventing it from seeing play across various strategies. Don’t expect this card to be worth a small fortune, but Echoes of Eternity will have its fans, especially considering that it likely slots in very well with the new Eldrazi Commander deck.

That said, there is one archetype that could utilize Echoes of Eternity outside of a colorless Commander deck: lands. Lands are all colorless, which means that any triggered effects of lands will get doubled by Echoes of Eternity. No, tapping for mana is not triggered, and will not be doubled, but effects like Field of the Dead will create an additional Zombie.

Player Reaction

Many players were quick to point out just how powerful Echoes of Eternity really is even with some simple colorless commons. As pointed out by Redditor marrowofbone, Echoes of Eternity turns something as simple as Ichor Wellspring into a card that draws eight cards. You cast it, copy it, draw two for each entry, and draw two more cards when each of them die. The card can also do some sneakily scary things, like doubling the upkeep cost of The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

For any who are interested in how this works with Morph or Disguise creatures, you will indeed get a copy of the casted card, but it will not be able to flip over. This isn’t too helpful in most cases.

As far as reactions to the card go, some players are understandably excited for Echoes of Eternity, while others are getting tired of the repetitive Panharmonicon effects with various set-related restrictions attached to it:

“Sigh…is it really Panharmonicon With Set’s Mechanic time already?”


Doubling effects have been getting rather plentiful lately. In Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Double Down was introduced as an enchantment that copies any Outlaw you cast. Annie Joins Up can also double Legendary creature triggers. The Lost Caverns of Ixalan introduced Roaming Throne and Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundation. Even Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander added Felix Five-Boots to the mix.

With all these doubling effects coming out left and right, a doubling effect focusing on a set mechanic is not in the least surprising anymore. While Echoes of Eternity certainly has some interesting applications, players may be sick of seeing what is essentially the same card with a new skin.

“Sheen, this is the 7th set in a row you’ve released with a trigger-doubling effect.”


This Probably Won’t be the Last Doubling Effect

Despite some players tiring of the same gimmick, doubling effects are incredibly popular in Commander. The more of these get printed, the higher chance that any theme you want to try in the format will have a doubling effect that can work for you.

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