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New Universes Beyond Crossover Cards Discovered by MTG Players!

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Christmas day may have come early for some MTG players! Wizards of the Coast’s release schedule is taking a break for the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t receiving MTG product. Secret Lairs from the last two Superdrops are showing up at customers’ doorsteps, which means new bonus cards are hitting the scene.

We’ve already written a few articles covering some of the new bonus cards in the recent Secret Lair releases, but this one aims to specifically look at guaranteed bonus cards from recent Secret Lairs that dabble in a different intellectual property. For example, things like Tomb Raider Princess Bride and Evil Dead.

Let’s take a look!

Colossus Hammer

Evil Dead fans will receive this Shovel of Decapitation as the bonus card from the Evil Dead Secret Lair. Colossus Hammer remains a strong choice in the Modern format, and otherwise sees play in Commander in any equipment decks that can bypass the equip cost of the Hammer reliably.

Posted on Reddit just a few days before the writing of this article, this MTG discovery is still rather new to the community. Regardless, early asking prices for this Hammer, according to TCGplayer, have surpassed $20. This is quite the premium considering other copies of the Hammer are only worth a couple bucks!

Colossus Hammer had another full art print in the recent run of full-art Box Topper cards in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan. Dubbed the Treasure Trove cards, this copy of Colossus Hammer also goes for a premium, and is available in nonfoil, which may be uniquely appealing for competitive players. That said, some of the other bonus cards in this article appear to have nonfoil copies available, which means Hammer players who want to decapitate their opponents with a shovel in tournament play may be able to make their dreams real. Of course, you can also play the foil in tournament play. Just be careful the curling doesn’t make it a marked card.

Tomb Raider Command Tower

If you’ve been keeping track of recent Secret Lair Bonus Cards, you may have noticed that there is a lot of Command Tower reprints. Sure, it’s one of the best, and definitely one of the most accessible Commander lands out there, but do we really need this many different variants of one card?

Either way, Tomb Raider fans now have an opportunity to trick out their Command Tower with the fancy gates seen guarding Croft Manor. The artwork is definitely stunning and may slot into a majority of Lara Croft Commander decks. Ironically, because Lara Croft specifically synergizes with Legendary Lands, it may be one of the few decks that doesn’t want this stunning Command Tower. Unless your strategy is incredibly streamlined, however, this probably makes the cut.

Like the Colossus Hammer, this Command Tower has quite the premium on the secondary market at the moment. However, this Command Tower is brand new, and sales already differ heavily from asking prices online. Don’t take the market value of this card seriously.

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Another Command Tower

This is a Command Tower we’ve seen before, but since the theme of the article is looking at crossover bonus cards, it would be remiss to ignore perhaps the best Command Tower on the market.

This Command Tower comes as the bonus card in the Princess Bride Secret Lair. If you’re a fan of the classic like we are, this will surely find its way into a few of your Commander decks.

Fortunately, while this Command Tower does demand a premium, it’s not as egregious as some of the other Secret Lair Command Tower cards. Available in both foil and nonfoil, you can expect to find nonfoil copies of this Command Tower for around $4. Foils all seem to go for north of $10.

The Rest

Magic’s Secret Lair product line has certainly had its share of crossovers this year, and we’ve already seen and discussed many of the bonus cards already.

Instead of showing them off all over again, we’ll list out the cards and where you can find them. Past that point, if you want to read more about it, you can do so by following the links below.

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