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New Purr-fect Secret Lair Revealed by Magic The Gathering

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Today, Hasbro announced the return of Pulse Con, a virtual event talking about all things Hasbro, a new Secret Lair product was announced to go alongside it. The title of this new Secret Lair is Purrfection, and it is themed around Cats! The Art for each of these cards is done by Japanese artist Ayako Ishiguro, and features 4 cards. They can be purchase during Pulse Con on October 22nd and 23rd.

Wizards of the Coast

The first card is Chain Lightning. This once powerful legacy burn spell is now a very budget option for burn spell. As for how this pertains to cats, I’m not sure, but I guess it could go into a Naya cats commander deck?

Generous-Gift Secret Lair
Wizards of the Coast

Next up we have Generous Gift. This card is a color shifted Beast Within for white, and is generally a commander staple for white cards. It is unconditional removal, which is something that white decks can struggle with at times, but this one is a great card. For anyone who has a cat, they often can leave you a “generous gift” in your living room in the form of a mouse they’ve hunted or a hairball, so this does seem to fit the theme.

Heirloom-Blade Secret Lair
Wizards of the Coast

The next card in the set is Heirloom Blade. This is a great equipment to go in a cat tribal commander deck, as it deals with finding creatures of the same time. This one, I’m not too sure where the “Cat” theme comes in here, but this feels like more of a functional include than a thematic one.

Kodamas-Reach Secret Lair
Wizards of the Coast

The last card here is Kodama’s Reach. This is definitely a great commander card as well, giving you ramp capabilities. This is a bit of a… stretch… on a thematic correlation, but cats often are able to reach into high places, and can stretch pretty far, giving them a far reach. Plus, I think Kodama is a pretty great cat name.

Why This Secret Lair is Purrfect

Puns aside, this Secret Lair is actually a great one. Why? These cards are not difficult to find. Each of these cards comes in at under 2 dollars a piece, which means that if you don’t like these cards or the art, then you don’t have to purchase them. If you’re using these cards, and want a fancy version of them, then this is a great option. The art on these is really nice, and so you’re buying these for that purpose, not for the fact that they’re chase cards that command a high price point.

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What are your thoughts on this Secret Lair drop? Are you a fan of the cat theme? Let us know in the comments!

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