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9, Feb, 24

New Murders at Karlov Manor Card Spikes 900% in Price

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After plenty of hype and anticipation, Murders at Karlov Manor is officially out today! That being said, while today is the global release date, the set has already been legal for an entire week. Following prerelease events kicking off on February 2nd, Murders at Karlov Manor has been in the wild for a little while. In that short time, we’ve already seen some tremendous market movements.

Given the remarkably high prices of many mythic cards pre-release, major market movements are hardly a surprise. What is a surprise, however, is the 900% spike that we’re seeing on one rare card. Formerly an underrated sleeper, this card is quickly proving itself as one of the set’s best bombs! For better or worse, this isn’t the only card that’s spiking hard in value! 

Cryptic Coat

Cryptic Coat

Before prerelease events for Murders at Karlov Manor kicked off, everyone was sleeping on Crpytic Coat. Sure, it looked like a great value engine in Limited, but outside of that people were hardly expecting the world. Once players got their hands on this card, however, people quickly began to realize just how cracked Crpytic Coat is.

By creating an unblockable 3/2, with Ward 2 no less, Cryptic Coat is a surprisingly aggressive menace. Able to chip in for damage without fear, this card gives blue decks an early-game threat. Beyond just being good on its own, however, Cryptic Coat can be bounced back to your hand, giving it massively expanded utility.

Harkening back to the days of True-Name Nemesis in Legacy, Cryptic Coast seems seriously strong. While it’s not being played everywhere, the card easily has multiformat potential. In Standard, Pioneer, and even Modern, this card could make some real waves.

Now that players have realized Cryptic Coat’s insane potential, copies of it are being snapped up like mad. Unsurprisingly, this immense surge in demand has led to an insane price spike on TCGplayer. Previously, this card sold for as little as $1 when prerelease events were kicking off last week. Now, copies of this card are selling for $10!

While this insane price increase is impressive, as a note, there’s a chance it won’t last. At the moment, there’s undoubtedly demand for Cryptic Coat, however, supply has been rather limited. Now that Murders at Karlov Manor has been fully released, there should be an influx of supply from major retailers.

Looking at current listings for Cryptic Coat, this appears to be happening already. While the most recent sales are around the $10 mark, there are multiple listings for $7.

Surveil Lands Shoot Up

Surveil Lands

From the moment they were first spoiled, MTG players were unsurprisingly interested in the new cycle of Surveil lands. Appearing to be a direct upgrade to Ravnica’s Temples, these cards had a lot of players excited. Despite this, however, prior to prereleases kicking off, these cards were remarkably cheap.

While prices varied from card to card, the total range was only between $1 and $3. Considering these lands were fetchable, enabled graveyard synergies, and usable in multiple formats, this price seemed like a massive oversight. For better or worse, that oversight is steadily being corrected now they’re proving their worth.

In particular, three cards from the cycle of Surveil lands are seeing fairly major post-release price spikes. Out of these, Undercity Sewers is easily the most impressive so far. Boosting existing Dimir Surveil decks, this card is practically an auto-include, making its now doubled price hardly surprising.

Alongside Undercity Sewers, there’s also clear growing interest in both Thundering Falls and Underground Mortuary. Unfortunately, however, since we’re so soon after release, the pricing for these cards is still very volatile. Sadly, this volatility is likely only going to get worse once more copies of these cards flood the market.

Mixed Mythics

Delney, Streetwise Lookout

When Murders at Karlov Manor was first released alongside prerelease events, as usual, the set’s most expensive cards were mostly mythics. As the rarest cards on offer, this trend was entirely unsurprising, even if the cards themselves weren’t that special. Subsequently, outside of a few near-guaranteed bombs, it seemed a lot of cards were overpriced.

Previously falling as low as $16, Delney, Streetwise Lookout is one of the few mythic cards climbing in price. Already jumping by $3, it seems there’s a lot of demand for dear ol’ Delney. Considering they’re basically Panharmonicon 2.0 for low-power creatures this demand is entirely expected.

While Delney has been on the up and up, other mythic bombs like Anzrag, the Quake-Mole have crashed hard. Previously, this insanely powerful Mole was the most expensive card in the entire set. Now, however, Anzrag is selling for just $12.85. Currently, this price tag still puts them in the top 3 most expensive cards, but it’s nonetheless a $12 fall from grace.

For better or worse, not every mythic price drop is nearly this expensive. Vein Ripper, for instance, has only fallen by around $2 and Rakdos, Patron of Chaos has dropped by $3. Since we’re still so early into the set’s release, it’s likely these prices will fall even further once demand dries up.

Still Early Days

Ultimately, while the secondary markets are already moving, Murders at Karlov Manor has only been out a week at best. Thanks to this, a lot of the prices online are still incredibly fresh and subject to change. Now that the set is officially out, allowing for increased supply, even more changes are expected in the coming weeks.

If, or rather when these happen, we’ll be here to cover them all, so watch this space!

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