31, Mar, 22

New MTG Judge Promos Revealed for Fantastic Commander Reprints

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Article at a Glance

Some of the most fun and sought after cards in Magic: the Gathering are Promos, especially from Commander. Players love to bling out their decks with unique or fancy versions of cards as a form of self expression. One of my favorite promos that exist are Judge Promos. These are promo cards are printed for the Judge Academy for Judge Conferences and recognition.

Well, the Judge Academy has announced their Q2 2022 promos, and they’re fantastic for commander players!


There are 2 promos here, both of which are commander all stars.

First up, we have Parallel Lives. This once relatively inexpensive rare from Innistrad has been spiking in price to near $50! Considering that this card has never been reprinted, this is a VERY welcome promo. In the art, we see Urza and Mishra in their younger form, assumedly in the era of Brother’s War.

The second card is Stranglehold. This was originally printed in the original Commander Precon decks and was only reprinted in Commander Anthology. It’s currently commanding a near $20 price tag, and while that’s not too cost prohibitive, it’s still a great reprint to have. The art here is showing Jetmir, one of the crime family heads in Streets of New Capenna

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