27, Mar, 23

New MTG Cards Causes Old Staple To Hit $80!

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March of the Machine spoiler season is officially set to kick off this week, but that didn’t stop a few critical cards from being spoiled over the last two weeks. We’ve had a few March of the Machine Planeswalkers appear that have fans excited, as well as the Lord of the Rings First Look teaser that occurred a few weeks ago. The marketplace is still consuming changes these cards are causing. One card, in particular, has more than doubled in price, hitting over $80 in the process. Another bulk-bin rare, in the form of Staff of the Storyteller, may also be creating a new deck in the Legacy format! Here are the hottest cards on the MTG secondary market this week!

Mind Over Matter (Again)

mind over matter

We addressed this card relatively recently, but the amount of value Mind Over Matter has been gaining on the secondary market over the past two weeks is startling. Before The One Ring was spoiled around the middle of March, this card was only worth about $37, but that quickly changed.

In a past article, we explained the interaction causing this card to increase in price. To reiterate it quickly, Mind Over Matter and The One Ring, when used together, can basically draw your entire deck for no cost. It can also untap enough mana to easily allow to cast a sequence of spells to win the game.

When we last talked about Mind Over Matter, it was around the $50 mark. Copies of this card are now selling on TCGplayer for $85! Some financial outlets have this card even higher on their sites, with copies of this card going for sale for around $95 in some places.

And They Shall Know No Fear!

and they shall know no fear!

This Warhammer 40K preconstructed Commander card has more than doubled in price in the past week. This is a fantastic combat trick for any tribal Commander deck since it can, essentially, give all of your creatures indestructible for the low cost of two mana.

This card seems pretty powerful, and having it only hit the $10 mark now is pretty shocking. The card slowly crawled up to about $5 until the middle of March before it shot up to $10 over the course of about a week. What caused this sudden spike in price?

While there is no diagnosis for sure since the card is a Commander card, the two biggest causes for And They Shall Know No Fear’s sudden price increase are the rise in popularity of Urtet, Remnant of Memnarch Myr tribal decks and the anticipated release of a Knight tribal preconstructed EDH deck with March of the Machine.

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Surge Foil Multipliers Remain Insane

Like has been seen repetitively in our past finance articles, Surge Foils for the Warhammer 40K Commander cards have some nasty price multipliers attached to them. This is mainly due to how incredibly expensive the Collector’s Edition Warhammer Commander decks (where you get the Surge Foil cards) are compared to the normal Commander decks. The Necron Dynasties Collector’s Edition Commander deck is worth about $240 on TCGplayer, for example, compared to the $90 normal version.

This insane multiplier is again seen with And They Shall Know No Fear! While the normal version is currently around $10, the Surge Foil is up from $6 to $30. Mind you, this card has some $30 sales as outliers, so the card could be worth a lot less – even as little as $15.

Nylea’s Colossus

nylea's colossus

Tolarian Community College pointed out Nylea’s Colossus as a fantastic Commander option that may have been going unnoticed by some players in his ‘build your own precon’ YouTube video. This led to some other players speculating on this card as a potential threat when played in a Tom Bombadil Commander deck. This Lord of the Rings card has many players excited to try out five-color Saga tribal, something we have not had access to before. Sagas tend to die after their final chapter completes, which will trigger Nylea’s Colossus’s ability to double the Power and Toughness of target creature until end of turn. It only takes the death of three enchantments to turn Tom Bombadil into an instant kill with the Colossus’s ability.

Nylea’s Colossus has had a few significant jumps over the past two-month period. Back around February 11, the Colossus began climbing from $4.80 to $6. From there, the card has climbed again and is now selling for incredibly inconsistent prices. There are some copies of this card selling for as much as $30, but it seems the average price for this card is hovering around $13. However, a fair amount of copies of Nylea’s Colossus have sold for $20.

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Staff of the Storyteller

staff of the storyteller

This last Commander card doesn’t have a huge price spike attached to it, but it is a major indication that this bulk bin rare may be on the path to becoming an expensive staple. Staff of the Storyteller has risen from $1 to a whopping $10 over the past week! This card has seen some heavy price spikes and buyouts as a result of the play it has seen in the Legacy format.

Staff of the Storyteller is an incredible enabler for token creature decks. This has, interestingly, become an absolute menace against the popular Izzet Delver archetype that has dominated the Legacy format for quite some time now-even after a core card recently got banned out of the archetype.

Alongside Expressive Iteration’s ban, legacy saw White Plume Adventurer leave the format – potentially forever. This was a core card in the Mono White Initiative archetype that dominated the Legacy format alongside Delver before the ban. This has caused a massive shakeup in the Legacy metagame, and one of the new decks that has popped up due to the shakeup is a Stoneforge Mystic control deck that uses Heart of the Storyteller as a synergistic draw engine off of the tokens that Living Weapon creates alongside Shark Typhoon, Eternalize triggers and Shorikai, Genesis Engine.

While the card is seeing a massive spike in interest, this archetype is still very new to the Legacy metagame and only seems to be slowly increasing in usage. This card’s final price will likely depend on the deck’s final standing in the metagame, and, while it does seem promising, it’s far from a Legacy staple for now.

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