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New Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Leaks Show New Legendary Creature and More

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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is about a month away from release, and for some reason, more cards keep leaking out to the public ahead of Preview Season! We’ve seen quite a few leaks at this point, and while none of them are confirmed yet, if they’re real, we’re in for an amazing set! Today, 3 more cards leaked over on Reddit, including a new Legendary Creature, Enchantment support and more!

Obligatory Disclaimer: THESE CARDS ARE NOT CONFIRMED BY WIZARDS OF THE COAST, AND MAY NOT EVEN BE REAL! With that out of the way, let’s dive into these cards!

Kami of Transience

First up we have Kami of Transience. A very interesting take on an enchantment support card. This is almost a a strange hybrid of Setessan Champion and Genesis. You’d probably want to play this in a Selesnya or Bant voltron style of deck, as the second ability isn’t really worth building around. Hopefully we’ll see this card confirmed and assumedly a full cycle of Kami cards.

Mukotai Soulripper

Next up is Mukotai Soulripper. This is a vehicle that powers itself up when you sacrifice an artifact or a creature. This is almost giving me Smuggler’s Copter vibes, as it’s cheap to play, cheap to crew and has a decent stat line, but the effect is only 5/10 for most decks. This could be a really cool option for the Golgari sacrifice decks in historic, or possibly Rakdos Blood, as you can sacrifice the blood tokens to power this up.

Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice

Lastly, we have Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice. This is a new Legendary Creature that deals with Auras. When you cast an Aura, you can tutor out another Aura card that’s cheaper than the one you cast that’s also a different name that any Auras you control. While I think that this is a card for the Azorius Auras deck, it could also be good for the Orzhov Auras deck, as you can have access to great enchantment based removal.

As for commander purposes, there could be a really cool Mono White Aura’s deck that could come about. Theres, at the time of writing, 237 White Aura cards in the game, so there’s a lot of room to pick and choose which aura’s you’ll want to play. Most likely there’s going to be a good amount of buff Auras, and then a bunch of variations of Pacifism to keep the board in check.

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What do you think about these leaks? IF these are real, what decks would you put them in? Let us know in the comments!

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